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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    It absolutely is! It's exciting to see those goals reached so easily and so fast. I love this diet :-)
  2. abbey's Avatar
    That's a good point .. I'll think about that some over the next few days. Maybe I'll just do a 50 day round. I reaaaaaaaaaalllly want to get under 100kilos if I can, right now I'm sitting at 105, so it is achievable!
  3. Catthai's Avatar
    I did a 57 first round and loved it (after I got into the swing of things). But I was sick twice and did lots of traveling so I needed the extra time to lose what I did. I would have been better off cycling after a regular round (would have lost more). Because if what they are saying is true, your big gains are in the beginning so why not have lots of beginnings? And it causes less stress on your body.

    Much of this is experimental though so I'm just going to listen to my body. If it doesn't like cycling then I'll switch back.
  4. abbey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Catthai
    My new schedule is so wonky that I've decided to cycle. Also, shorter P2's avoid the potential of another painful round.

    Sounds like a good plan - I thought I'd seen you over in the cycling forum. I'm thinking of doing a very long round this round (50 - 60 days) if I can manage it, then p3 and p4.. THEN cycle 3 weeks p2 and 3 weeks p3 til I hit goal.
  5. Catthai's Avatar
    lol! I had a terrible second P2 so instead of suffering the full intended time and boring everyone with my whinging, I decided to go to P3 when it was legal. But no worries, I'll be back in P2 soon enough. My new schedule is so wonky that I've decided to cycle. Also, shorter P2's avoid the potential of another painful round. And my third excuse? As I only have 18 or so pounds before goal I feel comfortable playing out of the box.

    Btw - I'm DROWNING in Greek Yogurt - YUM! The chocolate has to come on sloooooooooooooooow though. I'm ok with it but... last night I had my first teensy nibble.
  6. abbey's Avatar
    oh my god you are on p3 already?! How did that happen?

    It feels like everyone I started with is leeeeeaving me *cue melodramatic music*

    Seriously though, please eat some yogurt for me. Everything else I'm hunky dory about now having but I MISS yogurt (and chocolate ) !
  7. Catthai's Avatar
    Cheese is one of those ones that it's easy to go hog wild on (for me) because I LOVE it. Cheese on eggs, cheese on anything :-D

    Cheese likes me but I do have to add it slower than the fatty meats. For both of my rounds, seems I'm perfectly ok adding cottage cheese and Greek Yogurt from the beginning, but only in tablespoons at a time. And hard cheddar goes in towards the second week. Chocolate and wine don't have an adverse affect on me either. But the blue cheese - that's out for now.

    Another one I have to watch closely - being stopped up. It's a pound easily and can throw all my thinking off on what's making the gain. But that weight this morning went up so fast that I'm sure it's the blue cheese. I'm not so sure about the sour cream but they were buddies in crime together so it's back on the no list for now.
    Updated May 6th, 2011 at 04:28 PM by Catthai
  8. ILoveCheese's Avatar
    I know cheese will be my downfall, so I know I'll have to proceed with caution on that. But I'm with you, I've been reading through and seeing what's working for people and what's not. I know everything won't affect everyone the same, but it definitely helps to have an idea of what to look for
  9. Catthai's Avatar
    It's hard to take it really slow (so many goodies you can have) but I know from reading what others have done that the fats especially are important, even in the beginning.

    I had a gain this morning so I'm guessing that sour cream and blue cheese are the ones. I didn't have them the last P3 at all.
  10. ILoveCheese's Avatar
    Looks good! I'm hoping I won't get too crazy with adding things in...I plan to take it slow, but we'll see Thanks for posting!
  11. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks :-) On my first P3 I added too much too fast (cheddar, chocolate and wine) so I'm going slow with those.

    Good luck with your P3, it's great fun once you get the hang of it!

    (and now I have to go an add one more bit in - a baked apple)
  12. Vineeta's Avatar
    Wow. You are doing great. I'm adding things in a little more cautiously as my weight seems to be more volatile than yours. Might try some olives and bacon today. Thanks for the reminder.
  13. Tate's Avatar
    Your menu looks great! Sounds like your P3 is off to a solid start! I've read about the MCT oil before. Is it supposed to be better than coconut oil?
  14. Catthai's Avatar
    That's great that your husband is starting to request healthier foods. Mine started on a health kick due to high cholesterol but of course he still wants what I can't have on P2. And when I go into P3, I have what he can't have (cheese).

    I can avoid western type fastfood places out here but not the street hawkers. Their smells waft everywhere.
  15. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    My husband has been really supportive. He took the kids out last night. I told him I was going to pick up some fish tomorrow and asked if he wanted some too. I offered to fry his and the kids and he said no just grill it all!

    Smells were getting me today from some fast-food places!
  16. Catthai's Avatar
    Well, there was ripe durian there too and (sigh) that fruit is to die for! But I know better to even hang around the durian section. The artichokes jumped into my hands in the veg section - no fair!

    I do try really hard to stay away from smells that make me crazy. It's almost impossible to do out here with street hawkers on every corner, tempting me with their frying goods. But at my house? It's off limits until I get this hunger sorted. If my husband wants to eat something that smells really great, that I can't have, then he has to eat out. I don't mind him having his whiskies and wines in the evening but smelly stuff is where I draw the line :-)
  17. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Lol artichokes the worst your tempted with? I'm having all sorts of cravings that I won't mention!
  18. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm happy to hang around the .6 range because it's just enough but not too much. Of course, losing in the 1+ range will offset all those stalls soon coming my way but that's ok :-)
  19. Butterfly1515's Avatar
    Great loss- congrats!!! xx
  20. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks! I haven't sourced protein yet so I'll try that too. I remember the last time just getting a huge steak and eating it throughout the day. Boring, but I couldn't get through it in one go.
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