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  1. mntnharleygirl's Avatar
    my guess tom, hang in there, you got this =)
  2. Ronnijay's Avatar
    Concerning the sweets (I also work at a school)... I always choose: one lick of cupcake frosting, or one small bite of the cupcake. Never both, and the rest goes in the trash. This was when I was doing an all whole grains/no white flour or sugar method... don't deprive yourself, but do control yourself! Think about your trip to the pool or the beach and hang in there!!!
  3. Jamit30's Avatar
    What's an FFF day? No more treats for me. We have 1 more week. I have done a steak day in P4 and it worked, but I was so hungry. It could have been because TOM? Not sure. It's nice to hear froma teacher. ) Happy end of the year!
  4. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    I'm a teacher alos, so I understand. Too much temptation. I wouldn't feel so bad if I was in P4, but I'm still in P3.

    As for the steak day, I think it might be more of a mental thing. I did an FFF day on Tuesday and I noticed that I truly wasn't hungry. I rpobably could have made it without food till dinner time. Some people on the blog have mentioned that they eat their steaks at 4pm. Maybe you can try this and it wont be so bad. Also, they recommend lots of water and green tea to help with the hunger pains.
  5. Jamit30's Avatar
    Wait - make that 2.5!!!!! Just weighed myself. Wow!!!!
  6. Jamit30's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hcgwarrior
    Hmmm, could be mixing veggies too. Dr. Simeons says no, and soy is way salty. But my guess is that you will weigh less when you weigh in at usual time. I don't get it, but it happens! Good luck!
    Well, I did go back to sleep with a little help of a sleeping aide. :eek and now I am down a pound. Thank God above.

    Last round I did mix veggies. I do it for 1 meal usually. From what I know, this hasn't been a problem. I did not use soy sauce though and you are right. It could have been water retention. I was feeling a little guilty about the Hot Tamale cheat. I was hoping it wasn't going to cost a 1 lb gain, but you never know with Hcg.

    Time to get motivated!

    Thank you for the post! Have a great day!
  7. Jamit30's Avatar
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (the angels are singing). I'm not sure why I didn't figure that out my first Round. It just makes sense.

    Purrectlyme, have you used it this way?
  8. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Hmmm, could be mixing veggies too. Dr. Simeons says no, and soy is way salty. But my guess is that you will weigh less when you weigh in at usual time. I don't get it, but it happens! Good luck!
  9. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    Yes, use it for your entire body.
  10. Abinco's Avatar
    WOW!! Awesome! I buy organic low sodium salt. Either whole foods, or Pacific something or other and one other that evades me at the moment. I also use that better than boullion stuff in the organic. Its a paste and you add water. High in sodium though. Love it though. Enjoy your day and wearing those baggy jeans! Such a great feeling isn't it?
  11. Jamit30's Avatar
    A 2.5 loss. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  12. MattsMom17's Avatar
    I measure my neck, bust, natural waist, stomach (right across my belly button), hips (across fullest part of my b***), right arm, right thigh (pick a spot and then be consistent), right calf, and right ankle. You will be AMAZED! I've lost a total of 22.5 inches, most around the bust, waist, stomach and hips, but surprisingly I also lost a whopping 4.5 inches from my thigh.
  13. tnsweetness's Avatar
    It has gone well. I am 115.8. 0.4 below LIW. Cant be mad about that! Today is my last P3 day. It flew by!
  14. Jamit30's Avatar
    Hi! Yep, thanks for checking in - one more round. Can't wait for the last of it to come off. I have been hanging out in the P3 Lounge. Haha. ) Hope P3 is going well for you too.
  15. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Hey chick! Been wondering where you went! So another round huh? Hope all goes well for you! Good Luck!
  16. IndianaGal's Avatar
    Good luck and enjoy your loading days! I am on D2 so I am still loading today. I have eaten things I haven't eaten in ages because it seems like I have been on a diet everyday for the past couple of years but you couldn't tell that by looking at me, LOL. I hope this really helps with that.
  17. Dubbles's Avatar
    I've asked the same thing myself Jami. lol. As I went into p3 for two weeks, did fine, then cycled back for 2 more weeks of p2 to complete a round and try for a few more lbs for cushion before a trip next month. has to be enough after this. O, but there will be some gain on my trip.......
  18. roche061's Avatar
    A Woo Hoo! indeed! I can't wait for my pants to fall off me! One pair is already starting to feel loose!
  19. CptPalmer's Avatar
    I have baggy butt jeans as well and I found a pair that I had stashed away in the closet that I can wear as I am still losing. I have no more holes on my belt unless I start adding them of course.
  20. Jamit30's Avatar
    Ok, a little tmi but I just "went" and I'm down to 127!!!!!! Another lb? Knock on wood, right?
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