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  1. littlefirefly's Avatar
    no real secrets....I do recommend staying away from fruits for a couple of days or limiting them to apples at first the extra sugar in things like oranges seem to make me crave more bad things. Just dont be afraid of your protein!

    trying a steak day today because for the first time I am above my last dose weight (hoping it is water retention and my sluggish digestive system, steak day and smooth move for me tonight!)
  2. Forgiven's Avatar
    Chinese food has lots of salt. I hope that's all it is. Let us know how you do. I've taken my last drops, now just waiting to start P3! Have any little secrets to share?

  3. littlefirefly's Avatar
    thanks julie! also I was off on my days...I did 27 of vlcd
  4. littlefirefly's Avatar
    Angie, she had amazing losses...I think about 20lbs in 25 days! Her wedding is the end of May...not far away at all! I will report back hopefully tomorrow on the carb balance tortillas. I really hope that they work out to have from time to time..I love making wraps.

    Jodster, I did 25 days, this round I didn't do all that well weight wise. I started preload at 140 ballooned to 147 from loading and TOM (water retention big time) and today, day 3 of p3 I dropped to 128. I have changed a lot physically though I tried this one time at the first of the year and started at a size 11 and I am now buying size 7s in the exact same pants and even got to buy a size 5 pair of shorts! One of my worst trouble spots is my love handle area and it is now almost non-existant..now if my thighs would just catch up...lol.
  5. jodsterjag's Avatar
    Great Job!!! How long did you do phase 2,what was your total loss??
  6. Forgiven's Avatar
    Ooh. Let me know how the avocado chocolate pudding is. I love avocado and am so excited that it is a good P3 food! I'll be joining you on P3 in a little less than two weeks! When's your friend's wedding? I saw that she's doing this diet too, how was her losses? I'll be watching to see how you do on P3. Let us know your favorite meals and how the tortillas work with you. Oh, and congrats on getting into the 120's! My overall goal is 125, so I'm jealous!

  7. littlefirefly's Avatar
    Hi Angie! I have actually gone into p3 early! I've also been a little scarce from the boards. My friend and I decided that in order to better survive the next month with all her wedding showers etc and to ensure that our dresses don't end up too big at the last minute (what a problem right???lol) that it would be easier in p3. Today is day 3 for me and I woke up at 128!! I really don't understand it at all but I am so happy! My last dose weight was 131 even. Do you drink much tea? if so try the "triple threat" to help boost your losses if they have slowed. Salt and water retention get me pretty easily..and I found that doing the triple threat helps with that some, but it seems to help more when I have it for a day or two in a row then not have it for a few days. I think it just does a good job at flushing everything out and if you have it daily it isn't as noticable.

    Hang in there and push through...remember your goals..there is light at the end of the tunnel=-)
  8. Forgiven's Avatar
    How are you doing? I've been a bit scarce from the boards lately, but wanted to check on you. I'm going through what you went through a few days ago. Did your disappointing weigh-ins finally stop? How are you feeling?

  9. Forgiven's Avatar
    Excellent that you had another loss! Though I weigh myself in the mornings, I don't use it as my official weigh-in because I work weird hours and so could not weigh myself at the same time each morning after waking up, as I sleep a lot later on the weekends. I would love to keep each other motivated! I'm doing a forty-day round, though I think, once all is said and done, it turns out to be 42 with the couple of days after I stop the drops.

    I'm going to the Wisconsin Dells this evening (leave in 4 hours) and I've pre-made soups that I just have to nuke in the microwave to heat up for lunch and I'm bringing steaks and a couple veggies for dinner (think maybe an onion and a tomato). I'll bring apples as well, as it's the only fruit I've been able to stomach. I plan to stick to protocol while away. Even if we go out to dinner one night, I have a plan. LOL

    Have a great day!

  10. littlefirefly's Avatar
    me too! and another loss today! Since we're on the same day we should help keep eachother motivated! How long of a round are you doing?
  11. Forgiven's Avatar
    Glad you went back down, that's a nice loss. We're on the same day.
  12. raggedyann's Avatar
    The kids are on spring break and since I don't have to wake up at 6am right now, my schedule is a bit off too. ;-)
  13. littlefirefly's Avatar
    today is day 9..I have been taking 10 drops 3x a day...but admit I have been off on my normal time schedule taking them the last few days...working on that today!
  14. raggedyann's Avatar

    What is your dose now? and what day are you on?
  15. littlefirefly's Avatar
    I do great with tuna! just make sure it is water packed not oil.
  16. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Does your body do well with Tuna? It's not on the original protocol, and I Love tuna...so let me know!!!
  17. littlefirefly's Avatar
    thank you vineeta=-)
  18. Vineeta's Avatar
    Good luck. Hope you find much success this round.
  19. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck!
  20. Maxine's Avatar
    Awesome! I loaded 11 days ago. Things going pretty well except for a slight gain one day. ugh... tomatoes. Anyway, congrats on the decision. You won't regret it.
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