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  1. Kellep's Avatar
    I cheated just a little one night and was shocked to gain a pound from so little food and it took me yes, three days to get back to losing. Not hardly worth it for sure. That was my one and only cheat..
    Good luck, it will start to come off again - that is the good news!
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing that! I'm on VLCD6, and feel that I am realizing I'm addicted to sugars and carbs too. I want to think that it won't always be this had to say "no". But I will want to....You gave me hope that it can happen! Good job on your weightloss, and a size 12/14 is amazing-you must feel so great!
  3. edste's Avatar
    I started at 265 and my goal is 140!!! after 8 days of up and down, I am only down 4. I thought I would do great, but it is a lot harder than I thought. The person who introduced me to this is doing excellent and I feel like a failure!! I have an event in 6 months and want to be down as much as possible, but I can't seem to get my head right! Any suggestions???
  4. andiadams's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Grammie50
    Congratulations! 2.2 is really great. Do you eat chicken at both meals often?

    Make it a great weekend!
    Yes I usually do but not always.
  5. andiadams's Avatar
    Thank you Dubbles
  6. Grammie50's Avatar
    Congratulations! 2.2 is really great. Do you eat chicken at both meals often?

    Make it a great weekend!
  7. Dubbles's Avatar
    For vlc day 23, a 2.2 # loss is very substantial! Good for you. Way to go, doing a happy dance for you.
  8. andiadams's Avatar
    Thanks justjoan060, it is really tasty and seems to be doing the trick of keeping my hunger at bay.
  9. justjoan060's Avatar
    That chicken broth for a snack sounds like a great idea to me! Satisfying!
  10. andiadams's Avatar
    mizzmax, Thank you.
  11. andiadams's Avatar
    Dubbles - Thank you.
  12. Dubbles's Avatar
    I love .6 lb. losses. Luv them! Wish I had one this a.m. Keep it up! Happy Valentine's Day.
  13. mizzmax's Avatar
    Wow! That's a big change for you, congratulations and keep up the good work!
  14. Jamit30's Avatar
    I hear ya! Whooo hooo for you! Saving money, not fitting into your old clothes!

    I went to a store and tried on my normal size at The Gap (size 8), when I was on a stall and was completely surprised. Iwent down to a size 4!!!!!!! at The Gap!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I tried on another style of pants and the same thing happened. Of course, size 6 fit the best but a 4??? I had a gooooood day that day.
  15. andiadams's Avatar
    Hi Dubbles, thank you for the P3/P4 reminder and the support. Have a great day!!
  16. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good for u on your loss. Just a fyi: U really don't add starches back until p4. Sorry. P3 is basically like a Atkins, high protein, but with as many veggies (low starch) ones as u'd like, and minimal fruit, even. P4 is for addition of sugars and carbs. Sorry. BTW, good choice with grilled asparagus, u can have a lot of asparagus, it is so lo-cal. Put some in the oven, with spices, grill at 375 until how u like, and enjoy a Large portion with your protein. Yummy. I may have that tonite.
  17. andiadams's Avatar
    Hi Dubbles, thank you for your comment. At the time the soup did not taste too salty. I think my body does not do well with Bragg's. I do not have any BP issues.
  18. Dubbles's Avatar
    Wow, I'm surprised about the 3# gain with the onion soup. It must've been extremely salty? Or do u think something's going on with your scales? Tomorrow should tell the tale. Have fun today, and hope u are able to stick to your plan, whatever u choose it to be. Good luck.
  19. andiadams's Avatar
    Hi Stevia&Spice. Yes I am realizing that I cannot loose and use Bragg's. It is quite tastey. Good luck with your journey to being healthy.
  20. Stevia&Spice's Avatar
    Are you having issues with Braggs as well? I noticed I dont lose much when i use Braggs.
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