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  1. raggedyann's Avatar
    I also forgot to mention, not as much chicken as I can eat, that's 100 grams, but as much of the salad itself. :-)
  2. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you!
  3. Butterfly1012's Avatar
  4. raggedyann's Avatar
    I forgot to mention, this mornings loss is 1.2. For the week I am at 6.8lbs. Yay!
  5. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you Jarret!
  6. Jarret's Avatar
    Welcome back
  7. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you! Very well spoken. I don't think it could have happened at a better time really. :-)
  8. SubtleGlow's Avatar
    Happy Belated Birthday to you and hoping for lots of results for you in this round. The trip to Italy sounds fabulous - I have always wanted to go but have not planned a trip there yet. Sounds like you have a plan for how to handle the holidays, though I can see your point about timing not being ideal. Better a little now and a little later, rather than never, right?
  9. marvless's Avatar
    Welcome back! You were successful before and will get back to where you want to be in no time! Good luck!
  10. raggedyann's Avatar
    Hi Tate!! At first the weight loss was scaring me, but one I hit just 3lbs down and realized it was in the belly, I was happy. It wasn't anywhere else and I didn't lose anymore. So it was a good thing! lol

    Sometimes we need that extra push. Remember when my baby became ill and I lost track? I didn't eat bad, but the stress of it all was too much for me. I gained a few pounds and had to do one last round. It was hard, but I did it. You're doing great! I'm proud of you!

    @ Perseverance- I will try to do more updates. I also have a business that keeps me busy and since it's holiday time it's starting to pick up, plus my little one will soon be turning 2, she is becoming quite the handful. :-)
  11. Perseverance's Avatar
    Glad to read your post. Wish more people who have reached their goals and are maintaining would do an occasional update. Thank you for sharing and congratulation on your continued success.
  12. Tate's Avatar
    Good to hear from you! I'm glad you are doing so well and hope this new medicine can keep you feeling good. Bonus for dropping a couple of extra pound with it, right?

    I ended up doing another round, because my round 2 was a bust. I just lost my focus in P3 and P4, and that was not good. But I'm in P3 now and very committed to following P3 and P4 the right way this time. No more P2s for me if I can help it!

    It sounds like you are spreading the good news of HCG. I found that when people started seeing my changes that they all wanted me to be a diet consultant to them. Pretty funny, but it is nice to be able to help others.

    Thanks again for the update. I love to hear from the veterans. You were one of the people I followed when I started earlier in the year. Your success really motivated me!

    Take care.
  13. raggedyann's Avatar
    Oh yea! lol They are good. I use to LOVE oreo cookies so it was a must to find a decent replacement, lol.
  14. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Have you tried Maria's "healthified" Oreo cookies yet? They look SOO good.
  15. raggedyann's Avatar
    I have never tried it but I'll put it on my list for p4.

    The WF PB tastes fine to me, but I haven't used it in anything but the cookies so I haven't a clue what it tastes like on its own. Now you got me thinking, I'm going to taste it today. lol I will say though that this new order of WF PB changed their labels, probably not the recipe though.
  16. shadowcat410's Avatar
    I got WF PB a few years ago and it just sat in the back of my fridge until I threw it out. Yuck! I hope you enjoy it. Have you tried PB2? http://www.bellplantation.com/

    I know in the ingredients list it shows Sugar, but it seems only 1g per serving. So maybe save it for P4...
  17. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thanks Heidi, I'm actually doing injections. My last one tomorrow. I do take supplements like b12, potassium and magnesium and I took a zinc. I think I'll just tough it out since tomorrow is my last injection, tomorrow will be day 21 of vlcd for me. I don't need to go any longer as I've hit 125. Thanks though!
  18. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    O, Im sorry, you were asking about medications! That I do not know. If it were me, I wouldn't risk it while actually taking the drops. Last year I did not do this b/c I didn't know about going rogue and stuff, but, if I got sick this time, I would do an interruption. I'd go off the drops, get well, then get back on. Since you are almost ready to go off anyway, perhaps you could just stop the HCG now and take care of yourself. Or if you can, wait 2 days before you take any meds. Eat alot of garlic and chicken broth Take care and God bless!
  19. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    I did HCG last year with no supplements. Both times I got sick...cold, sore throat. So, I decided HCG wasn't for me. (even tho I lost like 20 lbs doing it!) Then mid June, just last month, a doctor told me that I could go ahead and take our supplements with the diet. I take 5 different ones from NuSkin's Pharmanex line: General vitamins and minerals and a supplement for energy, one for detoxing, one to control cortisol in the body (gets rid of fat around the middle) and I take a probiotic with every meal. I have not been sick at all. In fact I feel fantastic and I've lost 18.2 lbs in 20 days of VLCD!!!
  20. raggedyann's Avatar
    She's doing a lot better, thank you! She seemed to of had a virus of some sort that made her sick, but when that passed her glocuse levels had dropped so low that she still felt sick, she became lethargic and we kept going in to the dr's (before we found out her blood sugar was too low) and they kept saying a virus that will pass. I don't think so. We were so upset bc they wouldn't do more. My husband went off on them and asked for anti nausea meds, after that she took 2 popsicles they tested her glucose and it was 71! Unacceptable, so they wanted to admit her for dehydration, at that point she started feeling better, They said go home and give it 2 hours. We did, during those 2 hours she started eating and drinking and all of a sudden was back to her old self, this after a week and us begging them every day to do something. Since then she has gained all her weight back and is doing great. So initially she did get a virus but bc she couldn't hold anything down when it did pass her glucose was too low making her continue to feel sick.

    Anyhow, I'm so glad we are passed that.

    I am 5'4.5". For me I am beginning to feel too skinny so I'm trying to up my protein right now. Today I weighed in at 126 even, went down .4, I added a large steak last night to my diet. I think I'm fine where I'm at and I only have 2 more injection days left then the 72 hours. I am counting down the days! lol
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