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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Congratulations. U have the plan that works for u down perfectly it sounds. I understand what u say about feeling a little weak. It seems right before I have a good loss I'm a little grumbly in the tummy and sometimes feel a little more weak. But omg, so glad to have found this product! Aren't u. We'll be going into p3 about the same time. I plan on Saturday being my last dose morning. Good job.
  2. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you!!

    First round was 23 days and I stabilized great for 7 months before I went on this round.

    This round I am on day 33. I wanted to go a full 40 days but TOM will be rearing it's ugly head and by day 40 I'll be showing the slight gain so in order to avoid problems with stabilizing I am ending it on Tuesday which will be day 38, a full week before TOM. I had a 2 week interruption as well at day 23 bc I was waiting for my order of hcg to come in.

    Initially I was only going to do a 23 day round, but since I was doing so well and felt like I was so close and thought it would be easier to continue on rather then do yet another round I decided to just continue on. I had thought I had more hcg but I had forgotten that my hubby used it last summer so I ordered it a few days before I went into p3 for my interruption. Since I came back on I am doing even better then I ever did. Losses are greater, I cut out red meat entirely, added cod to my diet.

    I am noticing I am beginning to feel a little more hungry, so I agree with you, I think I may have used all my abnormal fat now. :-)
  3. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    You are doing awesome! Wow! .8 a day is a good average! You may be feeling weak b/c you are so close to the end of your round. I have herd that you begin to get hungry and weak when you have used all your abnormal fat. So thats good! Congratulations for making it through! How long of a round did you do?
  4. raggedyann's Avatar
    BTW, I had dinner at 7, later then usual so this may also be why I didn't lose as much as I have been.
  5. Snowdreams's Avatar
    Welcome to this site. I am new too and i already love it. I have named Dubbles the wise women and formal greeter of our blogs. She is so awesome and nice. It's funny you guys have said you haven't told hardly anyone about your diet and i have told the world. I wanted to help others and share my success because it works so well. I have been a big beautiful girl all of my life and after my 3 boys i was toooo big. I an grateful for getting my life back. Look forward to seeing your success.
    God bless
  6. raggedyann's Avatar
    lol I've been telling people atkins too!
  7. Jamit30's Avatar
    I have only told my family and a few others. No one at work though. They are all on weight Watchers and I know I would hear it from them, so I just say I have been somewhat doing the Atkins diet, not eating out as much, and not drinking wine as much. )

  8. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you! Yes I wish I didn't waste my time. I was attacked for saying I respectively disagreed with a comment and then put on moderation bc I asked why were they being so uptight. Anyways, that's ok, I've learned I'm better then that. They were just real snippity with people in general.

    My husband did the diet last year when I completed my first round and he lost 30lbs. He does not tell a soul about it. People ask him how he lost weight so fast and he just changes the subject on them. He doesn't want to mislead anyone, but doesn't want to tell bc he doesn't want to hear it. Although one client asked him if he did the hcg diet and he was surprised, but still denied it.
  9. Dubbles's Avatar
    Poor baby, you wasted a lot of time on that other group! We can be blunt on these blogs or forums, but I believe most everyone is nice! No reason not to be. That's what here for, to support and encourage, and educate one another. Great job on getting to goal. You're right there it seems. Wish u had come sooner. Better late than never. I don't tell people about hcg, my husband has told a few people how I've done this, but I wish he wouldn't. So happy for u!
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