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  1. First week down!

    I was thinking the other day, I have no clue at this point what round I'm on since I first started doing this 4 years ago. In the beginning it was to get my body back and finally be happy. The last couple years they've been maintenance rounds more than anything. I have always kept journals but after this long I don't even know where those notes are.

    I do have all my notes in my computer though from things that have worked for me to things that did not. As well as cycling, which I ...
    Tags: hcg, phase 2, vlcd
  2. Vlcd 5

    So far so good. I am down 5.6lbs so far. On my first vlcd I was actually down 1lb after all the loading which is a first for me. I can gain anywhere up to 9lbs loading (this when I do a 3 day load if I do a 40 day round which I have found works better for me). All in all, I only gained 3.5lbs loading.

    I am back to taking my vitamins like I use to while on the diet. But this time I've added in 5HTP. I read that it helps with moods and hunger. Well, I don't get hungry on the hcg, but ...
  3. I'm here again

    It's been about 10 months since I was here last. Last time I was working on losing 10lbs and I did it. I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Time sure flies.

    I was recently ill from a sinus infection that went into my lungs. I was put on prednisone and you guessed it, weight on. Not too bad. But either way, I need to lose 15lbs.

    Today is vlcd 1. Just had my 2 loading days and I ate until I felt I couldn't eat anymore. You always worry though if you ate enough to ...
    Tags: hcg, paleo, primal, vlcd