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  1. callien's Avatar
    this is such a great post and i can totally relate to the ocd eating issues. I have been there and back with eds and that is what brought me to hcg and why i got pcos to start with. anyway i wondered if you have read any of matt stone's info on 180degreehealth.com about raising the body temperature and thereby raise thyroid function, heal insulin resistance (caused by starvation which most ex anorexics have), and heal adrenal health. using this i have learned how to eat more and not gain and how to fill that nutritional deficit from years of dieting etc so that the body no longer needs to binge out of self preservation. I have found myself incapable and uninterested in bingeing and i honestly thought I was gonna have issues with this forever. eating lots of the right food changes the metabolism and has changed my appetite too. this type of eating is only for p4 but I definitely recommend it cos my weight has been much more stable since using it. I am going into an hcg round and then straight into these ideas from 180 in p4. hopefully this might help you, it turned my world upside down. best of luck
  2. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the reply, I will keep you updated and look for your blog on how well you are doing!
  3. Tate's Avatar
    Oh, I'm so glad to read this, Lisa. I really think Robin's book is life-changing, and I've learned SO MUCH from her. You can also "like" her FB page (Mind: Body Method-- https://www.facebook.com/mindbodymethod). She posts interesting videos and tidbits from time to time, and I enjoy reading other people's posts on the page, too. It's easy to lose weight on this diet, but maintaining after is SO HARD, which is why I really think Robin's focus on the root of our problems is so life-changing. Again, I don't work for her or get any comp for this...just wanted to make that clear. LOL.

    Taylor---I understand, and I hope you can check out Robin's book, blog or videos, too. I can't recommend them enough.
  4. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Thank you so much for writing this blog. I bought the book last week and my losses have never been so good. I needed a new way to learn how this process of HCG works and I ask myself am i really hungry or just bored. This book has been a lifesaver, only eating when hungry. Now that i know how that works it makes it easier to stick to. I am down 14 pounds since the 7th and have more energy. This is my third time doing HCG and gained it back every the first 2 times.
    I hope with all of this new info I can be and stay successful this time around.
    Thanks again!
  5. MistiRea's Avatar
    That looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Tate's Avatar
    Made P2-Friendly meatballs with this sauce tonight. Just 98% lean ground beef, minced dried onion, oregano, garlic powder, pepper--then baked it with this sauce on top. I was really good and a nice change of pace!
  7. taylorfam55's Avatar
    ~ I feel the same way, alwayd dieting, never happy with my weight, emotional eating BIG PROBLEM FOR ME! The way we feel when we reach for a bar of chocolate and eat it in the pantry so no one else can see, that feeling the food gives you, we have to find that feeling somewhere else, NOT IN FOOD< realizing food is there to nurture our bodies, not our souls, is hard to come to terms with. Ive said it for years and I mean it. Some people are addicted to drugs/alcohol Im addicted to food. Its a terrible habit to eat when my kids eat. Or hide and eat so no one knows you just ate again. :-( Good luck on your road to enlightenment! We need to heal our minds, our souls, and our bodies will follow suit.
  8. Tate's Avatar
    Right...I can relate to this line of thinking, but what I'm learning is that it is this thinking--the obsession with the scale--that is creating fear and contributing to my inability to maintain. That's why the healing and transformation MUST be about more than dropping the pounds, or else we'll continue in this cycle forever. At least for me, I'm sure of it.

    That's why Woodall's book, blogs and videos are helping me to make real changes that will get me through this "stuck place" in which I've been for far too long.
  9. emross82's Avatar
    "But I'm still stuck in the mentality that if I'm not losing weight I'm gaining..." bingo...exactly how i feel. im "safe" losing. ive never maintained a weight for longer than 4 months since I was 15. I never got really over weight, but between 140- 170 forever!! Then finally I get to 128?? Really? Couldnt wrap my head around it. I feel l ike im in a nighmare now trying to get back to a way I can look in the mirror and take it from there. It hasnt happended yet. I just want to be comfortable in my skin again.
  10. captncrunch's Avatar
    I think my big issue was the fact that I was hypothyroid w/out knowing it for so long, for as long as I could remember I was either losing weight or gaining...Or trying to lose weight but gaining. I've been afraid of carbs since I was 13, did WW when I was 15, but no matter how little i ate I was getting bigger...Then finally hcg comes along and it works! But I'm still stuck in the mentality that if I'm not losing weight I'm gaining. I've only had one (possible) issue of getting past a set point since I started a year ago, because I never had much of one to talk about, lol I don't think I've ever actually been stable at a weight, it just kept going up, and up until I found hcg...
  11. Tate's Avatar
    I agree that HCG is good, but it isn't a fix-all solution. In most cases, we got overweight because we had emotional eating going on. I gained most of my weight during pregnancies, but I used pregnancy as an excuse to feed my wacky emotions. I also think we eat a lot when we aren't hungry, which is a significant problem.

    Of course for those of us with eating disorders, it's an even deeper issue--really low self-worth, using food for comfort/love. So all of that must be addressed, or we'll just keep going down the same road over and over. Emross, I really encourage you to check out the video and blog I posted for Captncrunch. This author/HCG expert--Robin--is just hitting the entire emotional eating/eating disorder issue on the head. It's exactly what I needed to make this round my LAST and finally get my stuff together and leave disordered eating behind me!
  12. emross82's Avatar
    oh man, so understand. I have done the same thing as you...i cannot weigh everyday in p2.. i have taken water pills in p3 and prob too may laxitives. Corrections days ahve now become a contest with how much i can lose. I feel like i really like hcg..but i think in a way it has created a new monster. one that cant be happy at a weigth i used to be happy at. im so going to check this book out. ive said it before and ive told captn the same thing..hcg helps us lose the weight but we need to get help for the mainline issues of our weight, which is our minds. Therapy, books, yoga, anything to help us realize the number on the scale is NOT the only thing that needs to change.
  13. captncrunch's Avatar
    Thank's for the links Tate, I'll definitely check it out. I'm learning more and more that I am a bit scarred from being trapped in a body I hated for almost my entire life...and it's something I need to work on, not just for my health but for my peace of mind.
  14. Tate's Avatar
    Thanks, Sweetness. I'm glad you are feeling better now and I hope you have a very successful round. Glad you might look into the book. The videos are also GREAT.

    Captn--Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I have also had a couple of relapses while doing HCG. That was after having 4 years of no relapses. I really hope you will look into this author--even just the blogs and videos are enough, if you don't want to read an entire book right now. If you were starting with one blog and one video, this is what I recommend:

    Video about Getting to the Root of Your Emotional Eating and Dieting Issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRhrZ...GXEWkDJpyB-_ih. It's long but SO GOOD. Watch it!

    Blog: http://weightlossapocalypse.blogspot.com/2012/01/is-eating-your-expertise.html

    You can always private message me if you want to chat more about this. Thanks for your comment and your authenticity.
  15. captncrunch's Avatar
    One thing that resonated with me with what you posted is number one, about the obsessive eating habits. I have had bulimic tendencies in the past....and I've found that I'm so afraid of gaining weight back I have a relapse or two in p3. Over christmas break I bought a bottle of diurex when that time of the month came around which was normal, next think I know it's a month later and I've finished a bottle of 80 capsules in an attempt to keep off water weight...I realized when the bottle finished, that I may have a problem
  16. tnsweetness's Avatar
    FYI: I posted this on my blog as well!

    Hi Tate.
    I did just read your blog and am planning on looking that book up in a bit. I agree completely about the "fresh start" so that is what I am doing. You know, I never really gained much back after my last round, I just got sick and took all those meds and just didnt eat like I should have. It seems (to me at least) that all those things that were bad for me that I LOVED before, just weren't as good anymore. After not having them for awhile, when I did it just wasn't worth it.
    I commend you on not weighing everyday. That is just something that I have ALWAYS done. I wish I didn't but I just feel "weird" if I don't know! lol
    Best of luck to you Doll...I will try and look up the book you suggested in a bit!

  17. Tate's Avatar
    Hey ya'll...I'm getting ready to post a new blog to update on what's going on with meeee, regarding this experiment. Thanks!

    Emross--How's it going. Are you back on P2?
  18. emross82's Avatar
    i looove all the ideas of how to lose more in p4.. i can only do p2 for a few weeks and then I want to maintain in p3 and lose again in p4 with high protein and fat fasts. cannot wait to try. almost tempted to skip another round of p2, jump on this bandwagon, exersice and take an app surpressant and do rotating fat fast days. I do have 20ish to lose. but the thought of p2 for 3-4 weeks plus all of p3 just to try and lose again. im so freakin torn. I know i can lose on p2, but every round gets harder and harder, im afraid ill break and gain it back, im afraid no matter what ill be fighting gaining. I want to be able to enjoy carbs eventually and not be terrified to gain. So im thinking should i do a 600-800 day diet of my own and exersizxe instead of hcg again?? What to do!! If i had to do it over I dont think i would have done my round in oct..yes i got the smallest ive ever been, but it made me crazy and i gained it all back during xmas ( my fault) and now im just a tid jaded on this diet. i am literally racking my brain and i have to decide by sunday if im going to start p2 again. i know 3 weeks will fly by.. i need to suck it up and do it!!! Good luck girl, I remmeber your olds posts from my round in july ( the good ol days when i was sooo excited to see these numbers that i see now and was yet excited) glad to hear your doing well.!
  19. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Hmmm . . good job . . Congrats
  20. Tate's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your transition into P3. Food tastes sooooo amazing in the beginning of P3!
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