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  1. bellxlr8's Avatar
    Thanks Troya
    Here's to 4th knuckles and clavicle bones!!
  2. Troya D Clark's Avatar
    I am so happy for your milestone! I am looking forward to seeing my clavicle.
  3. Soanna54's Avatar
    Thank you, all! It helps to share the frustrations! I was down 0.8 this morning! I think I have to stick with strictly protein for dinner. Happy weekend, everyone!
  4. Natalie's Avatar
    I agree. I feel so bloated right now from all the food I ate...blech. Can't wait to do round 2 in May.
  5. Grammie50's Avatar
    Wow ladies I agree with all of you! I am on day 20 of P3, today I am up 1.8 for LDW, and I am ready for P2, I want to lose more weight. I have not been as good at fixing good meals. Veggies and Protein, I have eaten a lot of nuts and cheese. I am not feeling thin either! I am supposed to start P4 on Saturday, I am going to do better and get my eating back on track. I have been working out 5-6 days a week and lifting weights at least 2 days a week. I feel I am getting more definition in my body. I am going to 3 days of weights starting this week.

    Good luck to you all, it is great to know that I am not alone in feeling this way.

    Make it a great Friday tomorrow!!
  6. Catthai's Avatar
    I feel exactly the same - the highs of losing on P2 were wonderful and all I'm doing now is waiting out the time. I'm enjoying what I'm eating and I LOVE that I've stabelized but P2 is where I want to be.

    And this time I'll know what I'm doing whereas last time I jumped in unprepared so it took quite awhile to get into it. I know that the second P2/3 won't be exactly the same but I can deal with that when it comes.

    Soanna54, I messed up going into my P3 by adding too much too fast. Cheese! Wine! Chocolate even! Hah! So I backed off into more P2 like foods and went slower. Also, I was constipated and taking care of it took away a lot of the bloated feeling. But from what I've read, we are going to gain a little just from adding all the fat back into our diets. Also, I'm not feeling thin like I was before - I've gotten used to being this weight now and I'm ready to lose again! One... more... week...
  7. Soanna54's Avatar
    Hello, hope you won't mind me popping in the conversation. I am on day 4 of P3 and I am having a difficult time! I know what you mean about the emotional part: I feel full and fat right now! The first day was ok, the 2nd and 3rd caused a lot of bloating -- and consecutive weight gains of 0.6 lbs on each day. I have been eating about 1200-1400 cals. What is working for you guys? I have never had a great metabolism -- am I possibly eating too much?
  8. bellxlr8's Avatar
    Hello Tate! I cant think of anything in particular, I know I was REALLY REALLY stressed a few days before I even started P3! I ended up waiting 3 days before I started eating p3, and the first thing I added was eggs...I think I did those for about 2 days before I added some cheese, and sausage (the bad kind they probably serve @ Mcdonalds)....then I started cooking for my family again, chicken marsala one night, chicken/shrimp stir fry, steaks and salads (not for steak day, I just like red meat) and I picked up some Jay Rob the other day too....thats some good stuff! I haven’t been counting calories in anyway shape or form. I eat a salad for lunch (pre put together, courtesy of Wal-Mart…Marketside, they have soooo many different kinds to choose from) usually with a 2 % cheese stick, and 1 or 2 deviled eggs. Anyway, I haven’t seen anything crazy on the scales yet. One thing I did notice was it's taken about 7 days for my BM’s to be regular again....I was starting to worry about having to take a laxative, been eating jalapenos like crazy to "move things along", but all of a sudden this morning everything is good again! LOL, sorry for the TMI
  9. Tate's Avatar
    I totally know what you mean. I was thinking the very same thing today. I was on P2 for 39 days, went to P3 for 8 and immediately missed P2, so I decided to cycle back to lose a little more (I can do that cause I use homeopathic). I always felt so full on P3 and I really like the lighter feeling in P2. However, I LOVE eating, so I know I'll be ready for P3 again before too long. Just wanted to pop in and say you aren't alone in the addiction to the P2 feeling! Glad P3 is going so well for you. Do you have any tips or tricks that seem to be helping you along? I love to learn about others' P3 experiences....I'll be there in another week.
  10. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Congrats on the 2 lbs! Thats a big loss in one day. You may or may not stall or gain a little back tomorrow or the next day, but trust me, it all equals out in the end. I lost 1.3 yesterday gained 0.1 today but I am in my 6th week so that has been my routine the past 2 weeks, gain a little, lose a big number. Best wishes for your continued success!
  11. Dubbles's Avatar
    Well a lb loss on day 15 is still good. I don't always use the ginger in my detox bath, may try that. Good for u on the resisting the urge to nibble off his plate.
  12. Dubbles's Avatar
    I suggest u go to the forums, type in your question and some info will come up in relation to shots and skipping days. I know Dr. S. said to on inj. so as to delay immunity. But I don't know if everyone does. I've always used homeopathic drops. Sorry, I'm not much help.
  13. Determined10's Avatar
    LOL . . I would die for a 2 lb loss! U have done an amazing job & 1.1/2 lb daily average it miraculous for us females. Please don't let anything less disappoint you! Once again, u are doing great!
  14. Dubbles's Avatar
    bell, very few women lose a lb a day. So much of the advertising is misleading. If a woman average .7 or .8 per day over a long cycle, she had a phenominal cycle. So don't get discouraged if u don't average as high as u'd like. Sometimes u really are losing inches instead of lbs. It's an awesome protocol, and it works, truly. Hang in there, we didn't gain our weight in a month, and it takes a little time to lose it all.
  15. bellxlr8's Avatar
    *twice maybe? -- BC i thought I had posted this blog early this morning, but for some reason i saved it as a draft, and I cant figure out how to post it now....so i just copied and pasted
  16. Dubbles's Avatar
    Keep up the good work. U'll be in those jeans in no time! Happy Valentine's Day to u, too!
  17. Suzy's Avatar
    Hi Karla, nice to have you join us. I am just starting too. I'm on P1 VLCD Day 7, 144lbs. I'm on the drops. I am down 6 lbs. for my first week. Not too bad. I did have some stall days, but 6 lbs. is a good start. There are great comments here, so I probably don't need to add much right now. These blogs are a big help on this diet. I haven't had the desire to cheat, but my life has been filled with habits of eating to comfort myself, or when I'm bored, upset, or you know, any excuse. Determination on this diet goes a long way. Don't beat yourself up if/or when you cheat some, just get right back on and allow yourself to be human. Good luck to you.
  18. Dubbles's Avatar
    Welcome Bell, glad to have u on the blogs! Don't really need to add to what's been said above, just want to encourage u, and tell u can get a lot of support here on the blogs. Let go of what happened yesterday, or the day before--u can only control what u're doing right now. The compulsive eating was a part of a lot or our lives, and it will take some real focusing to squelch some of the cravings, and habitual mindless eating of the past. But believe that those habits can be changed, and the cravings to eat mindlessly will lessen as u settle into the diet. The better u do, or the more u have to lose, the bigger your losses at first. So enjoy these early losses, especially if u stay as close to protocol as possible. Drink lots of water or green tea, and use these blogs and forums as much as u can, especially at first. They will really help u focus. Good luck. The product works, it truly does, it's an amazing product. Glad to hear your dr. recommended it.
  19. Abinco's Avatar
    To all of you, keep up the great work! I am here to tell you, this diet works! Not only does it work but, it will change you in ways you never dreamed of. It shows you things about yourself that you might have never knew you could do or do. It teaches you about foods and what not to do. I encourage anyone on this diet or not, to buy healthier salt such as Celtic or Himalayan and not those found in the supermarkets, they are not the same. These salts are actually good for you even if someone has high blood pressure. You do not retain water with this salt either like with the bad salts. I now cook with coconut oil that you buy at a heatlh food store, grapeseed oil and olive oil only. www.coconutraditions.com has great coconut oil among other coconut products. Their book is great too! These are all healthier oils. One has to change how they prepare their foods and what they put in it to maintain their weight after they lose. We can not go back to our bad eating habits. I am a bored, angry food eater also. I still like junk but only grab a handful when I eat it. I don't buy it so I don't have to worry. I did two rounds and lost 40 lbs from 180 lbs and am 46. I did mild walking when on the diet which helped, did detox baths often and just ate organice as much as possible and ate lots of fish on the diet too. I look great feel great and am very thankful that I found the HCG diet. Sorry to go on and on but I wanted to give you insight after the diet etc.

    Bell, you cheated one day but, you learned a lesson. Now, you did not gain much at all , more might show tomorrow but, you have a tool to get rid of it. Its good that you cheated early to get it out of your system. I never cheated during any phase but, it was very hard. Many times I was on the verge. I recommend drink lots of hot tea. It helped me alot as well as water. I think if you keep busy, its better too. This forum is the best so keep plugging into it. Also, don't worry too much about the other phases except for the one you are in. When you get near P3, like a week away, then start reading the rules for it. You guys are doing great and I plan another round end of this month which will be my last. I am very excited!
  20. Jamit30's Avatar
    Whoops - I had a lot of typos, sorry. I am still trying to figure this forum out too. Everyone is super encouraging and you find so many answers on here. Yep, Phase 3 is maintaining with nor drops and seeing what your body agrees with and doesn't. I just do not really know how to start. I a m going to see if I can find a book that will take me step by step through it.
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