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  1. texaschick11's Avatar
    Here's where I need some guidance. I'm in Phase 3, smack in the middle of it, so I'm weighing myself daily. However, I keep jjjumping every few days and having to do a steak day. Is that healthy eating all that red meat? But I'm scared if I don't the weight will just go up and up.

    Any one else experience this? Or maybe I'm just not eating the right things. I'm finding PHase 3 hard cuz there's no structure in the eating. Would love to know what to eat on Phase 3 to easily maintain.
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Hey friend! looks like you are back on track. Don't be too upset with yourself, you've done well. I know what you mean about carb sensitive. I'm not gonna avoid them as much. I did okay with the toast w/butter In PH4, and I loved it. And the oatmeal...I have to have that!

    I just started Round2 today...I'm loading. This round loading is torture. I really almost can't do it. Does it really make that much difference in how hungry I feel? Keep in touch! I started a blog again for ROund2
  3. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    this isn't your first round - maybe you're more hcg sensitive than you used to be? i suppose the answer is to adjust your dose, but i wouldn't know whether to go up or down... i hope colleen gets back to you and you figure it out. don't be disappointed, you sond like you're doing great!
  4. alouise26's Avatar
    Dreams are crazy.....I too have been dealing with some residual thoughts and emotions about my previous weights and the 'leftover' effects from being obese; constant reminders like the shriveling stretch marks and sagging skin....Even though I feel soooo much better than I did when I was obese, I am having acceptance issues, I suppose. I am realizing that even though a huge impact is made physically with the protocol, the mental and emotional issues and changes are more challenging and seemingly less tangible.

    However, it is inspiring to read this and your last blog because I hope to be a 'once-a-week-weigher' eventually- but I have about 30 more lbs to go until I can even begin to let go of the scale a little more.

    I think you are doing great on your letting go of the scale journey and you look fabulous!!!
  5. julief's Avatar
    Well I got up today and weighed. But I think I want to stick to once a week. So I wont weigh again till next week. I had a long dream about weighing last night..It took me 35 minutes in my dream to get my pants and socks off to weigh. They felt so tight and hard to get off I felt so weak.. I did not feel fat, because I had a friend there helping getting the pants off. I wouldn't do that is i felt fat. I have had that dream before. It is almost like my subconscious was making it hard for me to weigh myself. Funny thing is my weight in my dream was the weight I woke up to 122.6. Lol also in my dream I had my credit score, and it was lowered by 29 points, because I had been heavy, and I was trying to get it lowered. Really weird dream, but kinda makes me feel like I was telling myself I am still mentally dealing with my past weight, and weighing every day my mind does not like.
  6. Cassanina's Avatar
    Awesome job! I was very interested to see how your week would go, and I am really happy that it seemed to go well for you! Are you planning on keeping up the once a week weigh-ins, or every day?
  7. julief's Avatar
    Thank you hun. You have been a great friend, and I appreciate it. I think you are right. I also feel better not fighting it so hard. You know me I will harm myself trying to prove to myself I can do something if I am not careful. 119 is a sexy weight! I bet we are about the same size since you are a little bit shorter.
    Hows Job search going? I just got fully accepted into CSU, but I was late due to paper work issues, because some of them were 20 years old, so I won't be able to start CSU untill Spring. But I will still go to college. Just a junior college for a semester. Might be a good idea anyways, because I don't enjoy driving in the snow, and CSU is kinda far 45 minutes away, and Front range is 10-15.
  8. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Juile, this is your AH HA!! moment. If your body will stay around 121 for a week, with those food indulgences, THIS is the weight you are meant to be. For now at least. I've stopped fighting for the 115lbs mark. Lately I've been closer to 119lbs....which is a little higher for me too, but it's summer, life happens and I've still made great progress. SO HAVE YOU!! I think once your mind is at ease, you will want those little foods even more less, and possibly stay under 121 easily. That is my hope for you!
  9. julief's Avatar
    Ty I do feel better.
  10. scientistmac's Avatar
    YAY!!! I hope this past week has helped to put your mind at ease!
  11. julief's Avatar
    aww ty aloise. I had a good result too. going to blog about it right now!
  12. alouise26's Avatar
    What a great way to become truly intune with your body and it's needs- intuitive corrections!
  13. alouise26's Avatar
    I felt the same way during my p4 after my first round. I was no longer addicted to food/overeating/gourging- I was addicted to my scale. I started to weight my self up to 5 times a day! sometimes in the middle of the night when I went to use the restroom! I hope when I am closer to a truly healthy goal weight, I will be able to go mostly scale-less. Maybe just weighing in once a week or so! I look forward to reading about this new phase you have entered!
  14. julief's Avatar
    I sure hope so, and I think it was the right decision. I did eat a bit of cream cheese with whipped cream folded into it today with cherries on top..To me that is a huge desert even though it was probably a 1/4 to a half cup. Hoping Cream Cheese isn't a sensitivity to me. Doesn't matter since I won't know lol I will definately report in what I find..I think it should be really good for me.
  15. scientistmac's Avatar
    Julie, you're going to be so happy at the end of this! My boyfriend has been in maintencance since May and weighs himself every single day. And yes, he goes up a couple pounds, then goes right back down a couple pounds. He's a guy, so the ups don't bother him lol. But it's really true that if you just eat well and let your body do its thang, it will even out in the end. I'm sure you're going semi-crazy not looking...but when you do look, and you see it worked...maybe you'll be a little less scale crazed and happier for it!
  16. julief's Avatar
    Ty Cassanina I will keep posting about it. Funny thing is today I have eaten an apple with cheese, and 8 ounces of fage, and a bag of sugar snap peas. Not really hungry, but I know I can eat if I want to!

    Yesterday was different though..I went to red Lobster, and had a grilled shrimp lobster scallops trio. Didn't eat dinner, because I wasn't hungry, but I did have 3 boiled eggs for breakfast.

    Have decided to to stress over calories one way or the other, and only think about quality of food going in my mouth. at least for this week. Really hoping I get a good read on where I am with stabilization after this week
  17. Cassanina's Avatar
    I think this is an AWESOME idea since you're so far into P4! I know most of us get on the scale and examine the normal daily gains/losses that our bodies go through, and start blaming the one piece of gum or the whatever on why we are where we are. I think that if you're stable at the end of the week, better to do that than adjusting every single day. I bet your body will auto-adjust, I am excited to see your results!
  18. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Oh Julie, you are such a good wife. It is SO true, that people change over the years. And marriage is hard work at times. More then not for others. You have done well making it work, and I am so happy that your hubby (despite back pain), has decided to do the gym with you and your boys 3x's a week. I LOVE working out with my hubby. Looks like he picked the best hobby

    And I must say, CONGRATS on 20 years of marriage! In a day and age, where we are encouraged to 'end it', and find someone new...you have done the honorable thing! There's is nothing more valuable then a man who runs to your rescue, and takes care of you.
  19. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    Julie, I know what you mean by people changing a lot thru the years. We are so different than when we first got married 28 years ago! My husband and I Do have a lot in common, however, we have found things that we do together. But, it's mostly been me that has bent his way, if you know what I mean. I try and be interested in what he's into. He's into his heritage (Scottish), so we go to the Highland games and events. He's into celtic music and I like it too. We both like to go to Broadway shows. So much of our interest is the same. Some of our music and type of movies we like to watch are different and some of our interests are different, as well.
    I think the important thing is that your VALUES are the same.
    My Brother and sister in law are absolute oposites in every sence, except their values are the same. He's E'ore, she's tiger. You know?
    We just found a hobby together (but again, my husband started it...) We both play the harp! We each have our own and we play together sometimes and take lessons together!
    Yes, Life changes people. Many people I know get out of a marriage just to find that the new person in their life has a completely different set of problems, different baggage.
    Anyway, Happy Anniversary!!
  20. julief's Avatar
    Hi Shadowcat thank you for the anniversary wishes..I think we tend to pick opposites..Maybe it is because we find attractive in others what we feel we lack in some way.
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