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  1. Deana's Avatar
    I am not a seafood eater, unless it's fried cod. lol But, I will do the halibut and it takes all I got to get it down! I have to use hot sauce.

    Someone told me to fry it up instead of grilling it. I just have not tried it yet. How do you make yours?
  2. happydj's Avatar
    Yup, Round 1, I lost a bunch in the first two weeks then after that is was slow to come off. I find that when I eat fish for dinner, I am almost guaranteed a loss...so I try and have it once a week
  3. Deana's Avatar
    jms - I never went there until my b/f took me last year and I will not eat any other place now!! I save the favorite spots for load up days!
  4. Deana's Avatar
    happydj -- Thank you! I noticed in the last round I did, I loose it really fast the first few wks then I will stall. I was able to figure out oranges and read meat stalled me. I never started on the bread sticks, and I don't have any fruit in the evenings anymore.
  5. happydj's Avatar
    Wow! 5.2 lbs, that should be some sort of record! Congrats!!!
    Imagine running is alot more fun when you are down 30-55lbs!
    Off to a great start and cheers to continued success!
  6. jms's Avatar
    I love Lombardi's pizza. I wish I could have loaded on it but unfortunately I live too far away.
  7. Deana's Avatar
    Well, today is Sunday and I HAVE LOADED UP AND THEN SOME!! OMG, I think I am going to burst!!
  8. Deana's Avatar
    Thanks! I did P2 for 45 days for my first round. I was so ready to go and said ok, I can do 45 days...(WHAT WAS I THINKING) I made it and with out any cheating...It was hard though. I lost 29 pounds that round. Yes, I did P3, that is where I gained 10 pounds, but it wasn't the food I gained on the wine I had. I just loaded up to do another round of P2 tomorrow and I am soooooooo SICK!!!
    Still have dinner to eat yet, but I might skip it...Believe me I ate sooooooooo much over Saturday and today!
  9. Grammie50's Avatar
    Wow! Congratulations, 8 pounds is awesome.

    Did you do P3 at all?
  10. Deana's Avatar
    Forgiven - Thank you! Yes, I did win 1st place!! The girl who took over 1st place asked if it was a mistake! Mine you she is already really skinny, so of course when I gained on vacation it helped her....
  11. Deana's Avatar

    Thanks! Yes you are correct, the short shorts and bikini's would love to do that! lol My niece is waiting on me, cause thinking I would never get skinny to a point I agreed she can take me and get my belly button pierced! WTH was I thinking of!! I am not that far away now!! Oh GEZZ!! The hardest part of me to firm up are my are my arms! I am starting to look like a bat. dislike! lol
  12. JoNichelle's Avatar
    That is awesome! I find that nothing the scale says make me happier than when I wear something I didn't know I could. (though the scale makes me happy to.. ) New wardrobe here you come! Next stop short shorts and bikini's.... Lol
  13. Forgiven's Avatar
    LOL way to go! Great job! My office has a biggest loser contest at times. I've never won. LOL I should try to get them to do it in July...I'm going to start R2 then...

    Also, thanks for sharing how you lost the 10 lbs from your vacation weight. I'm going on vacation in June and am afraid to gain too much. It's nice to know there is a way to get it off.

    Have a great day and enjoy your winnings.

  14. pattyg1821's Avatar
    lots of good recipes