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  1. The Weekly Deets

    R1 W1: 224.2 to 211 lbs! -12.3 lbs
    R1 W2: 210.3 TO 206.8 lbs -3.5 lbs

    Day 17 VCLD 15.........???
    Day 18 VLCD 16.........205.5 (-1.3)
    Day 19 VLCD 17.........204.8 (-0.7)
    Day 20 VLCD 18........204.4 (-0.4)
    Day 21 VLCD 19.........204.4 (-0.0)
    Day 22 VLCD 20.........202.4 (-2.0)

    Lost 4.9 This Week

    Isn't it funny how important food is? Last night I thought my heart was going to stop. It had been a stressful ...
    Tags: bulimia, recovery
  2. this blog went somewhere scary

    So after last nights egg white mountain and a gallon of water, I finally had a decent overnight loss. I mean, I can't stand water and the fact that I have to slug down almost a gallon a day kills me although not drinking enough is definately what is attributing to my "slow" weight loss. (sidenote:Man, I can't stand these hens in my office. I can't believe even old *****es are clicky as hell. Whatever, one of them is my ex's mom and honestly I dont give a flying pig **** if I ever have ...
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