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  1. Miley's Momma's Avatar
    Hi I am Melanie...new to this blog/forum! But I was wondering...I am fixing to start the diet for the very first time ever...my shipment will be in probably tomorrow!! But I just had a baby and now today was the first time for me to get a Depo Shot! I was wondering how the shot & doing the diet works together??? I am scared to start the drops if...the Depo shot will make me ammune to the diet or will I be fine?? Thanks Melanie
  2. Jessaluna's Avatar
    I don't see why not, but don't know for sure...I can pretty much guarantee that they won't last long enough in my house for that!
  3. tatt00's Avatar

    Can you freeze these? They sound good and I will be trying it out for phase 3!
  4. Jessaluna's Avatar
    Oh, I don't really measure much of anything...that's just how I cook! LOL I took 12 eggs and beat them up with some heavy cream (probably around 2 or 3 T) salt, cracked black pepper, minced onion, garlic powder, cooked and crumbled 6 slices of bacon, parmesan and 1 bag of Bird's Eye broccoli florets in the steam bag thing, mixed it all up and poured it into 24 muffin cups that I sprayed with non-stick spray. Baked them in a 350 degree oven until they were done....maybe 15 mins? (I just kept checking them and turned them around once about halfway through...sorry- I really don't keep close track of these things- I just throw things together and know when they are going to taste good!
  5. lindafisher2010's Avatar
    Wonderful, Congrats!!!

    Could you please share this recipe for the "muffin things" and would you mind sharing your results?
  6. Jessaluna's Avatar
    Absolutely, captn...I'll make a full report!!! *salute* LOL
  7. captncrunch's Avatar
    I cant wait for bacon! Also, could you tell me how u like the blue cheese dressing? I'm really picky and the only one I've found that I like is Kens Chunky, and maybe Kraft chunky...sometimes... i'm nervous that I wont find any sugar free ones that I like.
    Updated April 26th, 2011 at 12:28 AM by captncrunch
  8. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Sounds awesome I love bacon!
  9. Jessaluna's Avatar
    For breakfast, I am making little egg "cupcakes" with eggs, heavy cream, onion, bacon and spices, an apple for a morning snack, a tuna salad with Duke's Mayo, celery, cucumber, tomato and lettuce for lunch, a handful of green olives for afternoon snack, a steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions cooked in butter and a nice side salad with Marie's blue cheese dressing and strawberry "ice cream" for dessert- frozen strawberries blended with heavy cream. No idea if I'll even be able to eat it all, but man, am I going to try!!!
  10. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    What you got planned?
  11. gallery's Avatar
    I was wondering about the detox baths too
  12. Vineeta's Avatar
    Ah Wally World. I'll get there soon and see if I can find some BACON! Thanks.
  13. lindafisher2010's Avatar
    Where do you get the detox baths at? Also, where did you get your recipe for the bloomin onion?
  14. Jessaluna's Avatar
    I went to Walmart and, believe it or not, their Great Value Lower Sodium bacon has absolutely NO sugar in the ingredients or on the nutritional label...AND it was one of the cheapest ones there! They also had the Marie's Blue Cheese dressing in the produce section...score!!!

    Thanks for the congrats- it feels great!
  15. Vineeta's Avatar
    Good for you. I have one more pound to go for 20. I'm thinking maybe another 10 days VLCD. Where did you find sugar free bacon? I've looked at one local grocery store and no luck. Enjoy those jeans.
  16. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Nice loss at 21 days in! Congrats!
  17. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Got my fingers crossed for u!
  18. Jessaluna's Avatar
    I'll be doing a long Round next time, I just have some specialized eating requirements for 13 days in mid-late June, so I had to change this Round into a short one....and yes, 35 pounds less sounds fantastic!
  19. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Your almost there! I'm starting to rethink a 40 day cycle. That's an awful long time to eat like this :/. 35lbs less in a bathing suit this summer sounds really good though!
  20. makana's Avatar
    you are one-derful!!!!!
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