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  1. yayhowfun's Avatar
    No drinking eh? White Russian with real cream? I'm just saying.
  2. sophates's Avatar
    ha ha... I've totally been doing the same thing!
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Very, VERY, VERY good post, Carolina. Extremely interesting, factual points made. I should probably blog it to remember these for myself. Good job.
  4. Carolina's Avatar
    The other HUGE reason I want to stay with this is that, at the end, if we follow protocol, we are endowed not only with a slender figure, but with a certain degree of dietary resiliency. We can eat what we please, but we have controls and mechanisms to avoid lapses, relapses, and collapses of our weight-management discipline.
  5. Racquel's Avatar
    I so agree about the success stories on the forum. The more i read how positive everyone was responding i got tenn times more impatient for my drops. I keep thinking somethings goiinng to end up happening right before my drops get here and i will never actually get to start. I want to start so bad.
  6. ktspencer's Avatar
    Well said! I'm with ya!
  7. trwiles's Avatar
    I like your story and I'm sticking to it too!!!
  8. Carolina's Avatar
    Actually, that is incorrect. R2 P4 would extend until September 16. Which would still allow plenty of time to complete a short round and P3 before the holidays.

    What say ye, o wise ones?
  9. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck Carolina. You're going to love the hcg product, least I do. It definitely works if you work the protocol! Drink lots of water, green tea.
  10. Catthai's Avatar
    Good luck on your loading, sounds like you've got it down! I'm thinking about my next load too and your notes are giving me ideas. Thanks :-)
  11. quelsen's Avatar
    Seems you have the right about it. bacon bacon bacon.