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  1. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    What a challenging time for your family! The protocol may help you focus on what's important...your family. Food can be a distraction. A sibling of mine lost the use of his legs, it is life changing. Pray your sister continues to be strong.
  2. Calythia's Avatar
    I admire your strength in taking care of you and getting back on plan, even when your family is in so much pain. I hope and pray that the change in your brother-in-law's state will lead him to a full recovery. Wow.. I cannot even imagine what you and your family are going through.

    As far as Zipfizz goes, it would certainly be off protocol. It has Sucralose in it and Splenda is not on protocol. That being said.. if you have one/two per day, I don't think that it will hurt you. You are early in your round and will have time to correct if it stalls or causes you to gain. That's my opinion anyway
  3. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    LOL. I think each round we learn something new and valuable and over time we ARE truly changing. It's been a whole year since I started HCG, and I've kept 14lbs off the whole year......this year I would really like to focus on the 'keeping it off' part in Phase4.
  4. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Hey! I'm on VLCD1. ugh... i just keep telling myself the first few days are the hardest... you've done this 2 rounds before, you can do it again! argh. I am also thinking of doing cycling. and even still 21 days seems like the longest time. I just want my coffee w/ cream dang it. REAL cream with fat. sigh....
  5. captncrunch's Avatar
    Hey ME welcome back! I'm also back for one last round to get to goal, today is VLCD4. I'm considering cycling again, though because I don't even want to do the 21 days. My mom and I also plan to join WW once we stabilize. I did it when I was 15 and again at 19 and lost weight both times...just never enough to make a difference and it hard one you stop going in to weigh. But I think it would be great to help stay on track. Keep me posted!
  6. Jarret's Avatar
    Hmmm well if the bikini was the blue color I don't think I'd mind at all!
  7. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Jarret...really? That nail polish is my favorite.
  8. Ryann's Avatar
    I am in my last two days of VLCD right now, but I wanted to reach out and say that I am so sorry that you have had so much stress as of late. I'm glad you have some HCG partners this round! I think it would be great to have friends also on protocol so I would have someone to eat with. Good luck with your losses this round! Your picture is beautiful and I'm sure you will get down to where you want to be!
  9. Jarret's Avatar
    Other than the blue fingernail polish you look great!
  10. losn30's Avatar
    I am sure that if you hit the gym and really focused on your body and toning targeted areas you may not want/need to lose additional lbs....It could just be how you see yourself in the mirror and we all know after a round or two on this HCG diet, toning is a must afterward....!! Good luck, keep us updated :-)
  11. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    You might understand if you read all my blogs! But i get your point. :
  12. Perseverance's Avatar
    I am sorry I am having trouble understanding why you are doing another round if you are a size 2. Can you help me understand?
  13. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    that's encouraging to hear. For now I'm on antibiotics, and I think once I feel better, I can cut back and really give the HCG a run for it's money. I can go another 3 weeks if need-be.
  14. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Accepting where you are may be a good option. It might be a reasonable weight for you to maintain. You might slowly lose some more after you enter P4.
  15. Texasyaya's Avatar
    too funny. Maybe you can borrow some of her meds. I exercised at PT today and I feel better. I get all frozen up in my knees, hips and shoulders if I skip the PT. I know I am not supposed to exercise. But I think I will have to do this the rest of my life.
  16. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Thanks for the support friends. It has been a weird round to say the least! I'm gonna do some researh about the PB diet....I ate really well all summer, and even enjoyed some treats. I know this is a huge life style changed I've wanted for years!
  17. Texasyaya's Avatar
    You guys sound very sensible. I like the PB stuff also. I am going to return to that after I lose my lbs.
  18. lawgal's Avatar
    Your numbers look good and Congrats on your will to do another round. I was planning on doing another round in late September but I really don't want to lose more weight from dieting. I like being a size 4. I'm also a 2 in certain things and its hard to wrap my head around that. Never really wanted to be a 2, but now my sister and I share clothes (she's a 2/4 also but she's 4 inches taller). Anyway, I don't want to be smaller than a 2 and at this point just need to tone and flatten some stubborn areas... triceps and abs. So, I will be doing the Primal Blueprint eating lifestyle. It seems easy and common sense and something I can live with, especially the light exercise regime :-)
  19. captncrunch's Avatar
    Considering you're so close to goal and have eaten off protocol, 0.55 is pretty good. I'm going to be in P3 at the end of the week, but I'll be back in P2 by the 9th for another cycle. This Cycle's losses are slowing down now so I'm just counting the days and the numbers as of now. I probably won't be that close to goal for my birthday like I had originally hoped, but i'm learning slow and steady wins the race so it's ok.
  20. julief's Avatar
    Hiya me Nice to see you are still doing good. Second round is so hard to put your mind into especially when you have so little to lose. I will do another round after my cruise. I will need to get off the cruise weight before Jeffs family sees me at Thanksgiving. His family has a huge dinner, but last year barely anyone ate it was weird. In the past when I went there 5 years or so ago everyone just ate what they wanted. last year everyone was dieting. 6 pounds in 11 days is good. You are now back at your LIW right? I remember how hard it was for us to lose past 116. Our bodies really did not want to. Looks like you started the round at 122 which is where my body seems happiest. i have a hard time getting below it in P4.

    You will make your goal for sure it will just be hard to get over the 116 hump I bet.
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