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  1. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Before dieting I never cared at all for Kentucky Fried Chicken... but now that I'm trying to be "good", I go nuts whenever I pass by a KFC!
  2. abbey's Avatar
    Are you back on hcg yet?
  3. captncrunch's Avatar
    This is a great tip, thanks for posting. Do you think it would work the same if one took potassium supplements?...do those exist?
  4. lyuruk's Avatar
    I am so relieved that drops are working. I lost 5.5 lb since 4/27. Today a friend invited me to lunch, I should have not gone, but I did. I end up ordering salad without dressing and it came with sheredded cheese. I swept away the cheese as much as I can. Tomorrow will show if I really messed up or not. I do Bikram Yoga every day so it is helping a lot. I have hunger feeling but no appetite. Is this normal?
  5. captncrunch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lyuruk
    I am so worried that drops are not the real thing. Should I send the drops back and go to a Dr. to get injections? I am so confused. I have friends, did very well on the drops.
    An honest opinion I need to hear
    I'm on the drops and i'm losing well...IMHO you don't need injections to work, its just your personal preference. If your concerned about ur drops, run the brand by the boards to see if other haver heard/used them. Most of the sites I have come across are legit, the only problem is the price jacking because they know people are desperate. If ur losing weight on them, and ur not hungry, then ur drops are working.
  6. lyuruk's Avatar
    I am so worried that drops are not the real thing. Should I send the drops back and go to a Dr. to get injections? I am so confused. I have friends, did very well on the drops.
    An honest opinion I need to hear
  7. Racquel's Avatar
    add i ordered the 5 vial pack as i have at least two rounds
  8. Racquel's Avatar
    I ordered the HUCOG. I put down my doctors name but not the real telephone number. I believe the package came with a doctors perscription...
  9. Twinma's Avatar
    I noticed on the Reliable site you have to put in doctor information and it states they will contact you if you have to fax a script. Can you share what you did when ordering? Did you order the Hucog that is $15 per vial and says 'NA' next to manufacturer? This makes me nervous but I have a very tight budget. Thanks!
  10. bellxlr8's Avatar
    This is soo funny! Thanks for the posting!!
  11. Racquel's Avatar
    veterns on the forum. search it on the threads. i havent started it yet but will be in a week
  12. AJA's Avatar
    where did you learn about the sodium chloride? this is new to me
  13. AJA's Avatar
    Racquel you rock, seriously I logged on tonight and your posts really inspired me. A girl after my own heart. A quote I like is "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". It may be a little extreme but I get Victoria's secret catalogues in the mail a few times a week and i look at them to inspire me to work out and eat clean. I know that these girls aren't realistic looking - airbrushed I know..... and I don't want to be ultra skinny....but for me it motivates me to try a little harder. I am damn proud of my child bearing hips, stretch marks and all - wouldn't trade that for a million dollar VS body. But honestly we need motivation. You motivated me tonight with your honesty and posts - would much rather get it from a REAL woman than VS anyday. keep up the great work!!!!

    Amy in Santa Cruz,CA
  14. Racquel's Avatar
    for injections i also think you mix with bac water and not sodium chloride
  15. Racquel's Avatar
    The dosage amount changes.. you'll have to research it.
  16. 60PoundsToLose's Avatar
    Thank you! Is everything the same when you do the injections? Does the mixing process or dosage change?
  17. coyote's Avatar
    Hi Raquel, Today is another day to eat clean - it must be hard being hungry - I have found that spreading my food out through the day is helpful. Hope you had a great weekend!
  18. jerbear's Avatar
    "once you kinda cheat it just snowballs"... those our my thoughts exactly. I'm in day 6 on VLCD, and thats exactly what has keep me from cheating. I did break down yesterday and had a smidge of store vinagrette salad dressing with my salad. I realize there is sugar in the dressing and it makes me wonder if it's why I only lost .5lb istead of my usual 1lb.
  19. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    So...do the chilis count as the veggie? Sounds SO SO good. And I LIvE on cilantro normally. How does your body react to having these veggies outside the protocol?? I really wanna try this! Thanks for sharing all your recipes
  20. Racquel's Avatar
    Because of the garlic and the tomatoes? The garlic is just a seasoning and doesn't interfere at all. In fact a lot of people mix vegetables and still have success...

    You can always use powdered or dried garlic/onion for recipes if you want. i personally don't mind the extra spoonful.
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