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  1. dda1's Avatar
    Thank Ladies, as you can see it has been months since I have been back on here...many reasons why...
    @ justjoan060 - thanks! I reread it this morning...so unlike me to vent like that! Sometimes this diet can make you speak more of your mind than you wish..LOL! Thanks!
    @ Dubbles - I was trying to say that I stabilized best on the first round, and then the last couple of rounds of maintenance when I followed one food added daily, I done worse. still stabilized, but not below or at my LDW. I was also was trying to say that some people on here are like, "You can not have peanut butter in phase 3" when in Linda's book it clearly states that you can. I love the no-sugar peanut butter too!
    Ladies, I also want to say this is the BEST way to loose the weight, of course it is a struggle sometimes not to have the wrong things, but, a great "diet". I recommend it to many, with a doctor's approval of course! I always tell them to see their doctor, just in case they have medical issues that are not known or that their doctors disagree on them...oh anther blog! haha
  2. dda1's Avatar
    Good Morning Dubbles!
    Yes, I am on round 5! (so many rounds! hehe) Any way I have lost 64.2 pounds as of this morning! YAY! I would like to loose another 15 to get to my goal. Actually just a pound or two shy of that, but 15 would set me good....but I will be happy when I get to 13 more down.
    Thank you!
    I am running late for work this morning, so hopefully will post this evening.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Saw that u are on round 5, wondering how much u've lost. Total. That's always inspirational for most of us. And how much more do u want to lose? I'm like u, want to reach my goal--another 10-15 lb. (not sure exactly) before ending this round, so I'll be here a while yet. Welcome back. And hope to hear more from u.
  4. dda1's Avatar
    Thank you ldygeko I wish to best to you as well.
  5. ldygeko's Avatar
    And Cheers to you too! I also blog almost daily as a way of tracking my high points and low points. I don't think you'll see any negative comments to your blog - I've never seen any so far, though I guess there are those sorts of people out there! If they do, report the post to the moderator so they can "motivate" that person to not do it again. You're right, that's just plain..........mean and rude! Best of luck to you in your HCG journey!