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  1. BC Barb's Avatar
    Thanks, guys. I know I have read that one's dose might be off in such cases before. I'll do the search, Racquel. Yesterday was way better so I think I'll hang in there for today and see how it is before doing anything else. I'm only D5.
  2. Catthai's Avatar
    Ditto that on asking Grammy about most anything, and especially dosing.

    And good luck! This is worth it.
  3. Racquel's Avatar
    Barb if yourr hunger is really bad your dose is probably offf. It takes a little finessing to get the right dose. the way you can tell is by doing a skip day. So you wouldn't dose at all tomorrow and if by the end of the day you are less hungry then your dose is too high. If you are more hungy you need to increase your dose. If the sound of that freaks you out go poke around Grammy's Groupies, hang out on the chat or searh the phrase "Skip Day"

    Hope that helps. Thanks!