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  1. stelly's Avatar
    A bit late in the thank-you department but I appreciate all of you. And am starting another round, hope you have all made your goals and are doing well xx
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Itsy bitsy teeny weenie .... you know the rest. Good for you. Very inspiring.
  3. Catthai's Avatar
    That is such a sweet post to read first thing! You go girl :-)
  4. coyote's Avatar
    what a wonderful story! congrats on your success!
  5. lawgal's Avatar
    Good for you! It's great to feel so good about yourself ;-)
  6. Catthai's Avatar
    Lol! Eyebrow wiggling is without a doubt a man thing :-D
  7. stelly's Avatar
    Thanks Catthai - I am now imagining lots of eyebrow wiggling going on next week!
  8. Catthai's Avatar
    Wow, congrats! Your husband is going to be thrilled at your losses since he's been gone. We don't often see the changes but those around us do. My husband has been out of town too but just for a week. And if he doesn't say WOW, then, HARUMPH! Ok, he doesn't say WOW but I'll know by the way he wiggles his eyebrows what he really means.

    "a case of NZ Sauvignon Blanc downstairs"

    I just love NZ whites. I have one in the fridge right now (but only one bottle). And just think, you can start on that case in a few days. That's a great part of P3 - all the goodies you can have.

    Congrats on your journey. Well done!
  9. Jamit30's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply Stelly. My cheats were very small cheats, but they were cheats. Grrr... I'm hanging in there and will get back on the saddle though. I only bought a 30 day supply for this round, so I REALLY need to get serious and no more any type of cheats. Thanks again for replying and good luck with the rest of your round.
  10. stelly's Avatar
    Thanks justjoan060, or should I call you Joan?

    If I'm honest, I am really over the moon about coming this far with these results. If I have to lose more, I am happy to do a cycle because I know that compared to other diets I've inflicted on myself over the years, this one is so doable!
  11. stelly's Avatar
    Hi Jamit30

    I am now on day 35, and day 14 of writing about it on my blog.

    Thanks. Don't be discouraged by the stall. If you think about it logically it's the body hanging on to water for whatever devious reasons of its own. Just keep plugging away at the protocol and it will start moving in the right direction. Detox baths seem to work too. I had a cheat day which seemed so tiny in terms of what I ate didn't even brush the sides so I didn't even enjoy my cheat, but it cost me 3 days in bouncing up and stalling before I started losing again. I think we need to get it into our mind that this is a process that does not have results instantly, however it is nice to see physical and measurable changes to justify our deprivations lol!

    Good for you for sticking in there and good luck with your losing, I know it will be happening for you before you know it!
  12. Jamit30's Avatar
    What day are you on? I'm on day 15 and have gained a pound in the last 4 days. I have cheated, so I know that has something to do with it. Also, last round I did this too, but I am anxious to have this done with.

    Good for you for being done with the stall. I want to be done too. Boo.
  13. justjoan060's Avatar
    You may lose a little, but you're supposed to maintain at that point and stay within 2 lbs of your last day weight. That's when you're resetting your metabolism.
  14. lawgal's Avatar
    Cool. Thanks
  15. stelly's Avatar
    Hey lawgal - it couldn't be simpler. I just put cubed beef pieces in to cooker with a diced onion and diced zucchini (courgette?), garlic, some dried oregano, beef stock, salt and pepper. Any other seasoning you like instead of the oregano, even some chilli powder? Set the cooker to auto, come back in a few hours and voila! Beef stew. The beef should come out very tender and the broth is delicious. It won't be very thick though, so you might want to treat it as a soup
  16. lawgal's Avatar
    How do you make your beef stew in the slow cookery... I love when I get to use mine but don't know a lot to cook in it especially for this diet?
  17. stelly's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed it Here's a little pic of Charlie resting after his little adventure!

    Updated April 6th, 2011 at 10:05 PM by stelly (Changed size of picture to smaller)
  18. julief's Avatar
    you made me laugh then Smile. Was fun to read
  19. shadowcat410's Avatar
    ROTFL. Silly lil charlie buttons. You should post a picture. I love cats and that made me lol
  20. stelly's Avatar
    Oops! meant to say down 1.3!! Now that sounds better

    I have been converting to pounds from kilos but generally measure in kilos and my ticker is in kilos. I am now decidedly pumped!!
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