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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    And yeah....I forgot about trying hummus and beans...soups are our family staple in the winter! (but if we have 1/2c soup and LARGE salad, I think we can all have it!))
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Vineeta youre so beautiful! I can just feel this calm, purposeful, fulfilled spirit about you, and I SO appreciate it! Sounds like you are the example I am following....
    I've avoided sugar/starches/carbs by choice since Ph2....so it's been over 3 months. I FEEL GREAT, liberated, free, and happy! Why would we ever go back? I'm
    convinced the answer would be : for convenience sake! I've come to realize over this journey that our culture is all about convenience, and brings out all sorts of
    weakness' in us. I no longer want convenience. I am willing to put in the tough energy to hand make meals, snacks, treats--because that's what it takes to feed
    my mind, spirit and soul well.

    Keep doing what you are doing. Sounds like you are on the right track for LIFE. I think I'm gonna try a potato or some brown rice too...I've gotten really boring with ingredients lately!
  3. shadowcat410's Avatar
    How are beans/legumes treating you? I love beans and hummus, so I was said to see it made me gain in P3.

    A cold bean salad on a hot summer day? YUM!!!
  4. Vineeta's Avatar
    I was thinking about Zumba. There is a class at the center where I teach yoga. The thing that holds me back is driving across town. Almost everything is at least a 30 minute drive from where I live. Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet and hit the road!
  5. julief's Avatar
    Heya Vin
    Glad things are going good for you)
    I am afraid not to eat any carbs, because I don't want to get even more carb sensitive. So I have been eating out once a week (having one piece of resturaunt bread and potatoes pasta or shells with my plate) for a early lunch, and have eaten 1 piece of eziekiel bread and a half apple a day..It has been working..I have fluctuated some, but never 2 pounds over. I wasn't going to do carbs at all, but the horror stories of people becoming even more sensitive scared me from that idea. I tend to gain .8 to 1 pound from a meal out. And then I eat high protein the next day like today, and am fine. Today I am trying a different high protein day though..I had full fat fage for breakfast and snack and steak for lunch and chicken for dinner..I might not lose, because I have felt full the whole day.

    Not sure if Zumba is too joint intensive, but it sees to be fun, and people love it. I am starting Zumba this week..If I get the nerve up. I get nervous in big crowd es. Its kinda difficult to fit in though, because me and my family work out 3-4 times a week on weights too. and on the other nights 2 of my sons have Karate that I have to take them to. Want to try and fit it in though. Seems fun. I used to take belly dance lessons..I am not great at it though..My hips just don't do that
  6. Vineeta's Avatar
    All kinds of dogs... mostly small. I am the primary care taker for two - a Chinese Crested Mix and a Silky Yorkie. Then, we have a friend
    who is an Emergency Vet, so we have sort of a sanctuary here at the business with ... I lost count... another 8 or 9 dogs. Two foster baby goats, 5 or 6 cats. They really lucked out when she rescued them. All had put down orders or were on deaths door. I can't imagine life
    without them around.
  7. julief's Avatar
    I just googled the Flux foundation. Beautiful art. The people on the video seemed very laid back, but hard working.Yeah yesterday was my first day with Bacon too! I don't want to blame the bacon What kind of dogs do you have?
  8. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Hi vineeta! I love that last part " basically life is very gently"!! That is my new motto, aiming for a gentle life. Sounds like listening to your body is the way to go. I know once i did that, my phase3 went really well. Todays my first day on ph4, and i'm under LdW....kinda want to lose 5more lbs....wish I could come and help you water plants, sounds so peaceful! xo
  9. SBerkeland's Avatar
    Vineeta, I'm so happy to read your blog and see how you are doing! I'm also so happy for you that P3 is going well! I've read a lot of people not counting calories and just listening to their bodies, and they seem to be the less obsessed in P3 . It's something I am considering at the end of this round. . .

    Congrats on your continued success and for rocking hcg!
  10. Vineeta's Avatar
    Going back to P2 is a good idea. I think the extra cushion is a comforting idea. That's exactly why I still want to take off the last 5#.
  11. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Right on! Sounds like your listening to your body and have a plan. Keep me posted on the p3, i dont know why i had trouble, i was good untill the 4th week and i went up and just couldnt eat normal without gaining so i figured better go back to p2 and give myself a few lbs cushion to maintain comfortably.
  12. Vineeta's Avatar
    MarleyMom24, I am doing homeopathic and just decided when the scale was staying so steady that five pounds was not worth staying on VLCD any longer and getting my energy level wiped out. I did not do a full P3 last time and just cycled back to P2. I think you have the option of staying in P2 and upping your calories until day 23. For me, the 16 days was enough and so far so good with P3. I'm usually a lot more physically active in the summer with work. Walking 7 acres and dragging water hoses around. So, I'm hoping that the last five pounds might just come off from activity. I'm planning on staying no sugar and no grains from here out. Hoping for the best.
  13. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    Glad to hear your doing well! I also decided to go back to p2 to get back to liw from r2 and hopefully 5lbs more. I too had trouble stabalizing, i was 6lbs over when i decided to go back, did one load day and gained 5lbs! Putting me WAAYYY over liw. Kind of a bummer. So you only did 16 days this time? Are you doing homeopathic? Someone told me i had to go the whole 23. I ask b/c i see a good posibility of reaching my goal sooner than 23 days.
  14. Vineeta's Avatar
    Oh yeah, forgot about the mini tramp. That is fun.
    Probably not going to the gym. It's a haul from my house and the music is always so deafening loud in the classes.
  15. Grammie50's Avatar
    I love the bodypump class! If left to weight train on my own I don't do so well. Hopefully your local gym has the classes. It works every body part, it is a class to music. Love it!
  16. Lisa978110's Avatar
    I am a big fan of mini trampolines. They get your juices flowing.
  17. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Yup, protein wins everytime.

    I am so afraid of super duper turtle slow losses in R2, I'm thinking about only weighing ONCE a week. That way I don't feel defeated every morning when I don't see a number I think I deserve. After reading others roller coaster ride and experiencing my own, I am not sure I want to put myself thru that again. How would I get thru it when I've lost nearly 30 pounds and feel good? Pre Round 1, I was NOT happy w/ myself and felt horrible. Now I'm feeling like my old self and another round full of ups and downs will not be good for my mental state or my relationship.

    Could you imagine getting on the scale every week and seeing losses in the pounds? Instead of .2 here, .4 there, and ZERO gains?
    My mind is not yet in the R2 game yet (obviously), I need to enjoy P4 first.
  18. happydj's Avatar
    Congrats on the score...luv Craigslist
    The slow losses sound very healthy. Funny how our bodies all work in their 'own' time.
    Have a great day.
  19. julief's Avatar
    Grats on the loss Vineeta..You sound really busy. Hope you have a lovely day
  20. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Eat one for me too! I'm flagellating myself over my weight gain. Hopefully, I'll be able to check in here by the end of the week and see how you are progressing. Have an awesome week!
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