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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    I just ordered the pellets for my first round at HCG. Could you please fill me in on how long you used 4 pellets instead of three and why you are reducing to three now! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    I've been on the 4 pellets dose for months now, since starting them though I never had hunger on them. I decided to lower them because i've been having sever hunger at night just after taking my last dose. Since having too high or too low a dose can cause really bad hunger, my logic was that since I'm at a much lower weight now I must be on too high a dose, and since there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room with pellets i just dropped down by one per dose and it seems to be working so far. Usually if you suspect your dose if off you should take a day off with no dosing ( i know for rx at least), but i figured since it was right after my dose that the hunger started that it was too high.
  2. papillon's Avatar
    I just ordered the pellets for my first round at HCG. Could you please fill me in on how long you used 4 pellets instead of three and why you are reducing to three now! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. captncrunch's Avatar
    Thanks! I tend to be pretty good with the hunger during the days, but i actually never even considered changing my dose since i'm on pellets. But that's probably gonna end up being necessary sometime.
  4. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    sorry the night was so difficult - are you sure the dose you need hasn't changed? i mean, you weigh less now than you did before, so you might need less hcg, if the hunger continues i'd check your dose... although the one shrimp and flounder and no fruit or veggies seems to be the culprit here... good luck!
  5. captncrunch's Avatar
    I was thinking the grissini's may be a good snack since i seem to do OK with carbs...I'm kinda just looking for a noew flavour profile to break up the monotony that hopefully wont affect my losses. Same with the mushrooms...It's totally off protocol, but some have tried it and been fine with it. I'm still on Dr. S's protocol, but i'm pretty rogue, like with fage, cocoa crack, cycling and stuff. I've actually been having cocoa crack or just plain coconut oil daily since about 2 weeks before the end of my very first round and i've always done well on it. But i only do about a teaspoon which is just like 40 cals, lol. Since I don't eat the bread or fruit i'm still way below 500. I actually lost 1.8 during loading, since I did my regular p3 eating the first day, and a half steak/half fage day the second. Those are actually pretty nice, similar loses to a high protein day. I'll start listing what I eat and stuff, since i pick from a lot of the protein options. It's pretty easy for me to just plan as I go since i'm at school I make sure to be extra prepared. I have 5 servings of fish, chicken, and beef all already in freezer bags and weighed out. And I have a rocket grill that just requires me to push a button lol. Your Still doing really well only gaining 2 from loading, and your already so close to goal you should be there in no time since it's the first week!
  6. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    kay wait...you haven't had a grissini? Watch out, they can trigger addiction to carbs, they are so light, airy and crunchy. One time in round1 i ate like 15! So....
    what made you decide to have mushrooms? is that on protocol, or are you on a rogue plan or Dr's plan? And did I hear you say Cocoa crack on Ph2? How do you afford the calories?
    Sorry for all the questions. hehe. I think that's great you had such a good loss. And back to LDW, wootwoot! I only gained 2lbs on loading and i tried so hard. So i'm 1.5lbs from LDW.

    I've been listing what I'm eating....you should do the same to help give me ideas! I've been so brain-foggy today i cant hardly think what to make, even though I plan and log a day ahead. lol

    Here's to a good loss tomorrow. xo
  7. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    So tell me about this cylcing. Is this from your first ROund? Or did you start cycling after your second round? I can see how that would be a great system. How long do you plan to do VLCD's? IT's cool to think that you could be in the 140's in a very short time!!

    Round2 has gone well. 1lb loss a day average. I hear losses slow down, but then again my body has never really followed the normal negativity. My body has done well! I'm enjoying the cleanse of sugar, and the simplicity again too. I'm gonna see where I'm at after a 21 day round. I think it's better for our bodies to go 40 days, but depending on where I'm at, I may add more calories if I reach 110lbs.

    Please keep in touch! xo
  8. captncrunch's Avatar
    Thanks Rockbottom, I'm wondering if it's because I braided my hair....Maybe I have 2 lbs of braids on my head? lol, that's what I'm praying for. I decided to do a Fage day today, but if there is no changes, I'll just re-adjust my ldw. Blah
  9. rockbottom's Avatar
    Eek.... that is no fun!!

    Stupid scale! (sometimes I curse at my scale... it makes me feel better)

    Maybe try a detox bath tonight... nice and hot... drink lots of water, sweat it out? I don't know. I am so bummed for you.

    Keep us updated.
  10. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Were the almonds salted? Maybe between the sausage and possible salt on almonds its just water?
  11. Debegrace's Avatar
    That is weird. I'm sure its water or other waste. Check the batteries on your scale. Keep the faith you are doing great!
  12. captncrunch's Avatar
    It's soo frustrating isn't it! Ugh, we'll get there eventually.
  13. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    My second round was AWFUL. I have been stuck at 152 for almost a week and I'm only like...4 pounds lower than my LDW. I don't know what it was... *sigh*
  14. captncrunch's Avatar
    Yea, hhcg you can.
  15. SoTy20510's Avatar
    Ok so what is cocoa crack??? I have seen it mentioned a couple of times.
  16. Denmark979's Avatar
    Can you still take the drops while dealing with TOM?
  17. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Just hang in there! Round2 sounds brutal for those going through round pretty quick. Just give your body time to get into it's groove, and it will start dropping. Sorry the timing is sucky! Keep in touch okay. xo
  18. captncrunch's Avatar
    Cycling is a godsend for me, my first round was 49 days, i definitely like this better. With the min 21 days though, that's just for your very last round when you hit goal. So as long as your first round is full, 21 days, p3, p4, and so is your last round, cycling in between is supposed to be perfectly ok. I was scared of p3 and p4 too, lol, ironically p4 ended up being the easiest for me, but as long as you introduce stuff slowly, i think it all falls into place. I hope your P3 goes well!
  19. emross82's Avatar
    That sounds good. I think im going to take my last hcg pellet tuesday morning at 6 am so that way thursday can pretty much be a "p3" day...I may even have some coffee around 7 or so! As far as the cycling, this seems to be something I would very much be interested in, if I do another round of hcg. People say you have to do a min of 21 days on hcg..i guess to "re-set" But if I do it again its just to undo any honeymoon weight of just get the last 10 pounds off. I would prefer not to do it again...it works thats true but its mentally hard and it makes me kind of a blah person. I want to be able to take of the last very lil bit myself in p4. We'll see. Keep up the good work!! I cant wait to see how i stabilize adding in new stuff. Im scared but so ready. I find myself dreaming of cheats and wake up scared, lol. I am dying for a bite of sugar free ice cream ( im sure the cravings are in my head) but I need some options. If I could mix some riccatta cheese with coco and a few lil chunks of coco crack..that would be sweet enough for me. I want sunflower seeds and almonds!!! lol . ive made a list for whole foods for p3 and p4 already. Keep me posted on your rounds, sounds like it works for you
  20. captncrunch's Avatar
    I'm doing 3 week cycles with 2 weeks of p2, 1 week of p3. This last cycle I actually stopped at 12 days, because I met my mini goal early. My average daily loss is higher for the round, but about the same as it was the first 2 weeks of my first round. So I guess I kinda get more bang for my buck? Lol. Yea, since u stop drops at 7 you could eat dinner when ur 48 hours is over on tuesday, I see people doing that, I haven't tried it really yet, but I plan to next cycle. I think if you include the 48 hours vlcd that you have to do before each p3 you may save more timed doing slightly longer p2's. Most people find 2/3 week p2's get them the best results when cycling from what I've read.
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