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  1. curvygirl63's Avatar
    That happens to me when I have beef for lunch and dinner. I learned my body processes beef much slower than it does any other protein. If I have it for lunch, I do fine but when I have it for dinner, it seems to sit and I don't show much of a loss, if at all, the next morning.

    Now, I eat mostly talapia and chicken with beef thrown in once but no more than twice in a seven day period. I never have the same protein for both meals even though Dr. S's protocol says to have the "same thing for dinner" as you did for lunch. If I did that, I'd get bored real quick and cheat.

    Yesterday I had a beef patty for lunch and talapia for dinner with an apple and grapefruit. I tried broccoli (not on original program) for both meals and I lost 1.9 lbs today. I have also started drinking distilled water and my loses have been between .6 - 1.9 each day I've been doing that. I dont' know if it something about distilled water but it's working.

    I hope this helps.
    Updated April 26th, 2011 at 01:01 PM by curvygirl63
  2. captncrunch's Avatar
    Lol jewel, idk if it is sabotage, but it's crazy. He never acts like that. But he did have the nerve to say it's my fault that he's craving these things, that I can't eat *rolls eyes*. Lol
  3. Jewels1's Avatar
    Your post is very funny, in a way. I initially started with HCG drops and have now changed to pellets. The funny/odd thing is that my live-with-me daughter, who is in dire need of weight loss, starts eating everything under the sun when I go on VLCD. She's made barbecue chicken wings, mac and cheese, eats ice cream (which she doesn't normally eat), chips and dip (also eats very seldom at other times), Sonic hot dogs and onion rings, anything bad, etc. It seems she goes food wild when I go on VLCD. This has happened both times, when I started the drops and now that I've started the pellets. When I was loading she was somewhat "normal" in her eating, but now, since my VLCD start, is outrageously out of control. I don't know if it could be subconscious sabotage, an outright sabotage attempt, or some weird kind of transference, where her knowledge of my restricted diet causes her to ravenously crave more fatty foods.
  4. Vineeta's Avatar
    Duct tape his mouth.
  5. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    Ha Ha Wow! Men can be that way...it's only three days
  6. captncrunch's Avatar
    Thanks mac, this is literally the ONLY diet that has ever worked for me, lol. I realize i need to just chill and go w/ the flow. Because ultimately, my body is gonna do what it wants to do, whether I like it or not.
  7. scientistmac's Avatar
    Hey there...you should blog often! People on here are amazing, and since we are all going through the same physical and emotional ups and downs, everyone is REALLY supportive. You can ***** and moan all you want and there will definitely be people who said things that help and get you through the tough days...so please, subject us to your whines!!! LOL. One thing everyone will tell you is to stop stressing. It causes you to gain! Slow losses, mild gains, and stalls are ALL part of the journey. You have to look at the big picture of how many pounds you have lost so far in how many days...I'm sure it's WAY MORE than any other diet you have tried. So keep smiling, you'll get there!!!
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