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  1. Debegrace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thinontheinside
    i just read thru your entire blog and you did amazing! you honestly inspired me to keep going. this round has been hard for me and a couple of days ago after a cheat i decided to give up. i popped on the blog section of this site and i found your blog! i can do this!
    I'm so happy you found the motivation you needed. This stuff really works.
  2. thinontheinside's Avatar
    i just read thru your entire blog and you did amazing! you honestly inspired me to keep going. this round has been hard for me and a couple of days ago after a cheat i decided to give up. i popped on the blog section of this site and i found your blog! i can do this!
  3. parafluie's Avatar
    Can you do the no sugar/flour during your interruption? Good thoughts to you. Let us know how you are!
  4. jenncan's Avatar
    Great Start, so bring it SISTA.....I'm ready for you!
  5. TangleMKB's Avatar
    Ok, I can so relate to this... at least the part about not being able to stay in my 2# range. It is frustrating to eat FFF and strawberries every other day almost. I only adjusted 1# but maybe I should go ahead and do 2#. I am in P4 and still not stable or eating what I want without an issue. If I do eat what I want one day, I have to correct the next day. Considering starting another round... though when I got to 155 I thought I could be done, but if I can't stay under 160 some days, then I think I need to try to get under 150 so that I can keep that 160 number fully at bay. It seems to cause major emotional turmoil when the number gets back into 160s, even though I know how and can get it to go away, I am just tired of eating less variety now than I did in P2 almost with eating FFF 3-4 times a week to stay under 160. Wishing you the best! And I will keep an eye on your progess!! Congrats so far!
  6. jenncan's Avatar
    Hey, i just wrote you a bit ago, but I'm doing a FFF Sunday too. It's on!
  7. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I'm over today too. Over 2 over. That sounded silly. I don't like fage and cannot go all day with no food so I'm lowering (not eliminating) fats. Basically a rogue P2 with more protein and veggies to get me to 1200 cals for a couple days to see if that will help me lower things.

    I'm not going to eat nuts either and I bought a low fat chedder cheese (Cabot) and a low fat dressing to put on chicken and salad. We shall see. My LDW is 152.2 and this morning I was 156.
  8. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I am up to 156 today. My LDW was 152.2. I hate Fage and I am not going to do a apple steak day b/c I don't believe its good for me to go all day with no food. I'm miserable enough when I do eat. Instead I'll do lower fats and higher proteins for a couple days and see where that puts me. Like P2 just more protein and veggies so I can get up to at least 1200 calories. We shall see.

    Lost 2 lbs on fage? Thats great. Good luck.
  9. rockbottom's Avatar
    Do you like the greek yogurt? Like Fage? I see people all over the boards talking about doing a FFF Day as a correction day. I think that's Full-Fat-Fage correction day. I don't know all of the details -- but I think you eat the yogurt throughout the day... with berries? Which might be better for you if you have to take meds. I am sure there is a thread about it somewhere on here.

    As for the book putting you in a weird mood... that happens to me all of the time! I actually had to throw a book away once because it was messing with my mind so much. I just finished reading the last book in the Hunger-Games series this morning and I thought I might not get out of bed because I was so depressed. LOL

    Good luck with your correction day! Remember.... Phase 3 is only 21 Days. You can do this. Try to think of the Phase3 friendly food items that you really missed with you were on Phase 2... write them down and keep a running list of those things in your kitchen..... and then when you want to eat something carb-filled.... refer to the list. That has helped me so much.

    My list right now:
    Sour Kraut & Carb free hot dogs
    Yellow Summer Squash with butter
    Deviled Eggs
    P3 Onion Rings
  10. Cassanina's Avatar
    WOW---good job girl!!
  11. jenncan's Avatar
    Oh, You and those Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins! I hope you ate the last one!
  12. Laurarosee's Avatar
  13. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Deb tomorrow is my 1st P3 day. I know I can't eat carbs and am so thankful to be off those tasteless boneless breasts of chicken, but I have carb on the brain. I also am a little afraid of all the full fat items I purchased at grocer today. I was embarrassed at the checkout counter. Full fat fage, real cheddar cheese, real mayoinaisse, real salad dressing (with no sugar carbs), tukey bacon, chicken THIGHS. It was almost obscene. My last drops weight was 152.2 but I was up today. Didn't change my counter b/c my understanding was I should keep within my last drops weight. I ate Japanese yesterday and full of sodium so I presume I will be back down in am, or rather I hope I will.

    Were you the person that makes almond flour pancakes? Oh and have you heard of "minute muffins? I was looking at some P3 boards and saw a couple people mention "minute muffins" and wondered what they were. Happy stabilizing!!!
  14. mueller's Avatar
    On P2 did you finish all the way through maintance and then wait 6 weeks until you started P3? I am on R1P2 and I was curious how to finish this and start Round 2 P2
  15. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    wow!!!! what amazing losses!!!

  16. jrabbit62's Avatar
    @newlife&love ... Congrats on your non-smoking journey!! I went cold turkey Christmas Eve of '09 - best present ever!!
  17. Debegrace's Avatar
    Thank you so much! I really needed the support and encourement!

    MeOnHCG that is an amazing coincidence! LOVE IT! I am so sorry you are sick I hate sinus issues I have had my fair share and it is alway terrible. Get better soon!
    DRC last round things went quicker and yes easier! I do feel so much better confessing and holding myself accountable.
    Newlife I really admire your strenth to battle food and nicotine at the same time! Gosh you are so right about how we will feel in a week! Thanks a million!
  18. newlife&love's Avatar
    oh, oh .. and one more thing ... yes, yes, sticking to my non-smoking journey which started with day one of P3. But heck yes, the scale is going upwards with all the emotions of someone who worked so hard in a few rounds during the past year. So yes, we are not perfect ... but again, tomorrow is another day and a new chance to keep it clean(er). I have not had a smoke in 4 days and I know if I make it a few more days I will be doing fine and will make it this time...for good! I can tell that through hcg I strengthen my ability to resist (vs. tendency to give in) and now testing this in other areas of my life (smoking was first, but the list is long). So I am forgiving myself in terms of scale for the moment ... and it is getting better with each day passing by where I am slowly starting to control both urges -- food and nicotine. So please, forgive yourself and love yourself and admire yourself for getting this far on the journey ... the progress is not measured on day to day basis ... it is a long process that changes us all inside and out. Sending you hugs girl and I know all will be well .. a week from today all my nicotine cravings and your banana choco chip panic will look just funny to us .. trust me
  19. newlife&love's Avatar
    Get up, dust off! Tomorrow is another day and a chance to start clean. And you know what, it may not be bad after all .. I've seen people actually breaking the stall with off protocol food. The main point -- NOT being dissapointed in yourself!!!! Not after the long road you traveled! We need to be nice(er) to ourselves .. think how would you treat a friend if he/she did this?! See?! You know you will be ok and think of the starting point of this journey .. you realize how amazing we all are, including you, eh?!
  20. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    What a coincidence! I got online to post my confesson of having a home made banana muffin! I'm totally laughing now. I came down with something horrible, sinus infection/cough w/pain....I need to eat normal food today. I'll have to deal wtih the consequeces by adding days on to this round. No biggie. We can still move forward!
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