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  1. Natalie's Avatar
    I know this feeling!! I lost 57 lbs back in 2011 and have put all of it back on except for 12 lbs since then. 7 weeks ago I started hhcg again and lost 21 lbs in R1. I'm now in P3 and CANNOT wait to hop back into P2 in February. I remember, too, just not caring once I saw my weight creep over the 200s mark after I worked so hard to get down to the 160s some years ago. I subjected myself to my lot in life, that I would always wear "fat" clothes and I could just keep eating/drinking what I wanted. Boy, was I wrong. I snapped out of it, luckily, and got back in the wagon. Even though it's only 20 lbs, I too, have a spring in my step and feel so much better about me, in my clothes, the future, food, self-control. Keep going! We can do this together! I'm glad there's always a light at the end of the tunnel when we need it the most.
  2. MySmoochy's Avatar
    I'm popping my head into the forum after I too became lazy and found myself way too high in the scales and who do I find? Rockbottom! I missed you hCG buddy! I've popped in occasionally over the years but we were never active at the same time. It's nice to seem a familiar face!

    I'm only in W1 of a round and am planning a PI for Christmas. I've successfully done 2 before so I'm hopeful I can get right back on the wagon. I topped out at 244.6 and have been miserable so it's been nice coming back to the structure/comfort of hCG and watching the pounds come off. Hubby is low-carbing it with me so that's helpful.

    You've always inspired me so maybe we can keep each other motivated over the next several months. I'm not on the board daily because I can easily get obsessed with it (although much quieter than the "old" days in 2011-2013!).

    Can't wait to catch up.
  3. Perseverance's Avatar
    Just wanting to say Hi. I am still here but not doing HCG at the moment. I think about doing another round but tend to faint when my blood pressure gets too low. last time I hit my head pretty hard so I have been hesitant. I too am a little over 200 now. Have enough to do a short round and may attempt it soon if I get up the courage as I am about 33 pounds over my lowest weight on hcg. I am glad you are back in the saddle and wish you the best of luck. I wonder if maybe it was all too quick for us and our body getting used to the new weight and lifestyle. who knows. I am happy where I am but really like the feeling of being a bit lighter. Who would have ever known before how good it would feel to be thinner. There were always the wishes to be but physically it is so much more freeing. Wishing you the best!
  4. maggiep's Avatar
    Congrats on being here! I can relate to most of your story. My mom swears once upon a time I was skinny....but I remember her taking me to Weight Watchers with her in junior high. I'm glad you're happy and successful on HCG, and welcome back!!!
  5. scalephobia's Avatar
    Congratulations on stepping up again and making the decision NOT to be a yo-yo. You don't have to be that. You can reach that weight and be happy and know you have a healthy and long future. You go girl (and don't stop!).
  6. Debegrace's Avatar
    I wish I had something wonderful to say but I don't. It is great to read what is up with you and really you are so self aware it really is a big part of all of this. Your experiences are so similar to mine but you write it even more clearly than I can. Keep your head up and keep going the best you can. Take care
  7. rockbottom's Avatar
    Thanks Toonsmom... I'm glad that my experience can help someone else avoid the same pitfalls. I'm down another pound and I feel really great. Slowly, but surely... I'm getting there.
  8. Toonsmom's Avatar
    Thank you so very much for your post! Without going into detail I will say that your words have had a profound impact on me. Thanks to you I am halting my weight creep RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU!

    You can't change what has already happened, but you can learn from it. This time you will do better because you know better. I wish you well.
  9. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    Hi there, Rome was not made in one day. Weight loss has been a process for me, and funny enough most of the process is in my head. Took me about 3 years to realize I wanted to loss weight a cut the addiction to sugar and carbs to have a HEALTHY life not a slim body.

    I feel very proud of you two ladies not only for coming out with your stories but for never giving up and taking control of your eating habits again. Yupiiiiii

    The best of luck for this new round, we can do it!!
  10. rockbottom's Avatar
    Thanks! It's great to hear from you too. And it is nice to know that I'm not alone... but at the same time -- I wish you weren't experiencing this either. Ugh. It's tough. I don't have as much time on the computer as I once did... life has a tendency to get busy when you least expect it -- but I will definitely try to check in a bit more often. Best of luck in this latest round. You can do it!
  11. Perseverance's Avatar
    hey there, so nice to hear from you again. yes it is not the news you wanted to share but nevertheless it is nice to hear from you. And trust me you are not in this battle alone. I had gotten done to 170. I think that was sometime in early Sept. I stayed at 175-180 for awhile then started dating in mid Nov. Similar story actually started slipping more with wine and going out than food but of course some wrong choices in food got mixed in there too. I was doing fine when I corrected but once I started going out a couple days in a row it sabatoged the corrections. To make a long story shor I got up to 210 and felt miserable. I too tried to get back on the program but fought it tooth and nail and quit after a week. My fall and winter clothes were feeling tight but I bottomed out when I tried on summer clothes that were too big and now were tight. I can't believe how awful I felt. Like a sausage in too tight of a casing. I was still 60 pounds lighter than my heaviest but I gained so much back in my midriff I couldn't stand it. I too finally started hcg again and loaded March 16th. This time my head seems to be in a better space. It will probably take more than one round to get back to my original low weight but right now I will just be happy if I fit into my summer clothes again. I am not certain how much I have lost so far as I am not weighing daily right now. I may start to but felt I was getting too attached to the scale. I feel so much better though just in this short time. I am not certain what it is going to take to maintain a lower weight but I am hoping this fallback will help me to see how easy it is to go back to where we were and hopefully will help me find a way to maintain better. So my friend we are in this together again. We can do this that is for sure. We just have to persevere. By the way I haven't been blogging but can be found in the forums at happy stabalizers. It is a nice group of women. Join us if you'd like or PM me any time. Good luck to you!
  12. Cpow's Avatar
    Hey, Perseverance! Haven't seen you post in a long time! Glad you are doing well. Do you have a Thread that you hang-out in? For some reason, most of the people I've been seeing on my Threads have disappeared. Looking for another active Thread to share my round 2 with!
    God Bless!!
  13. Perseverance's Avatar
    So nice to hear from you. I miss all the bloggers I started out with and often wonder where they are and what is happening. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying life and have a healthy attitude about your weight. I can totally relate to everything you are saying. I always thought I didn't let my weight get in my way when I was heavier and I didn't to a certain extent. Now that I am freed from a lot of it I am enjoying life a whole lot more and like you even went zip lining for my 60th birthday! I loved looking at your pictures and especially got a kick out of how many of them were with food and drink in hand. You are very lucky you did this when you are young...think of all you have to enjoy. Keep up the good work and the good attitude and keep enjoying life!!! And blog a little too, you are a gifted writer you could do something with that. Just saying!!
  14. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    Amen Sister!! Life is way to short, thanks for putting it in perspective!!
  15. Kellep's Avatar
    Nice Blog love it, Yes we need to feel good about ourselves no matter what the number on the scale. That is what I see here a Woman ' who now feels good about who she is' Congratulations - your story is encouraging to us all.
  16. Cpow's Avatar
    The last straw for me was having to turn down an amazing trip to Israel with my church because at my weight, I (1) wouldn't be able to fit in the bus seat and (2) wouldn't be able to keep up with all the walking. It was about the time that everyone else was going on this amazing trip that I heard about HCG. So, at the ripe old age of 64, I decided to try ONE MORE TIME! (Most of us have been doing this yo-yo dance all our lives, right?) Well, here I am - 38 pounds lighter (26 inches slimmer)... and still going. I have 75 more to loose. I'm on week 2 of round 2... and hoping to break into "One-derland" during this round.

    We're planning on going on a cruise in November... and I'm going to put on a bathing suit & snorkel!!! Old ladies can live life too!!
  17. Newjulie's Avatar
    Oooohhhh, I am so happy for you! What a wonderful inspiration you are. I hope that anyone who is reading the blogs and not sure if they should start or may be thinking of quitting, will really understand the change that getting healthy can bring not only to our lives but to the lives of all our friends and family.

    Shedding the excess wt NOW...is the healthiest option for all of us.

    Congratulations ....and I love that there is no drama...you ate ...you had a gain and you took care of it. Love that!
  18. Newjulie's Avatar
    Happy to see you back and back on track! You jumped.. You're human... It's a new day...heck, it's a new year! Glad you are with us!
  19. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Happy that you are back . . . I missedyour blogs. Completely get the staying away from crap in the first place . . . very slippery slope . . . One day at a time is how this thing goes . . . You will do this.
  20. Perseverance's Avatar
    God it is so easy to gain it back it is scary. I have been noticing that too whenever I choose to eat something or more than I know will keep me stable. The important thing is you are back and back on tract. I missed your blogs and hopefully will hear more from you now. Is it possible to get more hcg so you can do a longer round? I will be starting another round on March 11th. My last one was 23 days and that was easier though I fainted and hit my head towards the end of it. Makes it a little scary going into the next round.Hoping I can make it to 40 days this time as I know I have at least two rounds left if they are long ones (at least I am hoping only two). Whatever happened it was a good learning or say a planned interruption. It is much more important not to beat yourself up cause that is part of what got us here to begin with. Welcome back!
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