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  1. caressa's Avatar
    I am unfamiliar w/ .5 cc syringes. I would guess that if you wanted to dose @ 150 then you'd draw to .3 on the .5cc syringe? Colleen is a good one to ask about that...or Beth.
  2. Debegrace's Avatar
    Caressa, what if I had the .5 cc syringe? Do you happen to know how much to draw?
  3. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hmmm, Caressa - I'd been mixing my 1 ml of Hucog with 3 ml bac. water, and have been drawing 25 units for my 125 iu dose - and really haven't had any problems since I got my dose right. I might have to try it this way in my next round..... Thanks for the info!