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I love hCG!

I am a believer in both the effectiveness and safety of hCG. I have only done and would only ever do hCG given by injection, in prescription strength, subcutaneously.

....hCG ROCKS!

  1. The Ultimate P3 Correction Day -- a Chicken Thigh Day!!! I Lost 2.6 lbs!!!

    I lost exactly what I needed to lose to be back at my LIW -- an amazing 2.6 lbs!!! I've discovered how others may be able to use this correction day method, known as the "Chicken Thigh Day" (or, "CTD" for short). A Steak Day (SD) didn't work for me; I lost only .8 lbs, then gained back double that amount the very next day. So I wound up searching for an alternative to doing another Steak Day, and searched the web for answers. Someone else invented the Chicken Thigh Day; they ...

    Updated September 16th, 2012 at 09:13 AM by GonnaLoseIt