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I love hCG!

I am a believer in both the effectiveness and safety of hCG. I have only done and would only ever do hCG given by injection, in prescription strength, subcutaneously.

....hCG ROCKS!

  1. Transitioning from Phase 2 to Phase 3 Successfully: How to Stabilize your First Week

    First, what's your LIW/LDW? Whatever it is, your weight equivalent in grams of COOKED protein, plus 20% of it more, is your protein limit/ceiling. If you go above 120% of your LIW/LDW in grams of cooked protein you will likely gain. Don't EVER go above this, even if you increase calories or carbs. And again, I'll emphasize: you're tracking COOKED protein grams. Weigh your food AFTER cooking, and you'll know how many calories you're ACTUALLY consuming; the "raw" foods ...

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