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  1. lpr11354's Avatar
    Man this looks awesome can u copy paste for me on my page or message i miss p3 already hungry ^_^
  2. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    I know! It's been awful! I don't know if it's like this for most people or not...i hope next round is better. I totally just ended up cheating at lunch because I ended up going to te jazz lunch that is the first Wednesday of the month. Usually they just have salads but of course today they had sandwiches. Sigh. So I had a chicken salad sandwich with fruit and a chocolate chip cookie. And it's sad but I don't even care because I'm so mad at this round!
  3. scientistmac's Avatar
    I hear ya! My goodness, so many of us have struggled this time around. Is round 2 like this for most people? I went into it thinking how easy it would be this time around with all of the knowledge and tricks I picked up the first time...but not so AT ALL!!!

    I hope you are able to stabilize well. I have been struggling because I just can't stop eating out of boredom. I am attempting yet another fage day today, and have faith that I can actually complete it and lose a couple of pounds. My mind is already wandering today, but I really am trying to focus...I swear!
  4. Abbie43's Avatar
    Way to go! I haven't had anyone say anything yet to me except my daughter; but I have only lost 16 lbs. but I am only 5 feet tallk so it does show.

    I haven't seen the Nestle's creamer; sounds interesting. I just quit using it and use English Toffee and Vanilla Creme Stevia - works for me!
  5. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I appreciate the support. I'm glad that you have had those experiences, too. On my last round, I told them I wasn't eating sugars and that worked really well. I basically just told them I was doing a detox from sugars and carbs.
  6. itsybitsy's Avatar
    Sounds like your work environment is one where these type of things happen a lot. It would be good to anticipate what you will say or do next time.

    If "No thank you" is not accepted, I would just say "I'm not eating baked goods (or pizza or whatever) this week (month), but THANK YOU ANYWAY!" with a big smile and leave it at that and change the subject. Refuse to be bullied.

    When you think about it, it is a control and boundary issue. Why can't your "no" be enough? It's disrespectful to badger another person to eat when she said no. However, I doubt your co-workers see it that way.

    Stick to your guns while being pleasant. If you look like you are miserable saying no, it will invite unwanted opinions.
  7. mlove's Avatar
    Good reply espressowhip! I'll have to use that!
  8. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Peer pressure in all it's forms is hard. I doubt the cupcake will "ruin" anything.

    I'll share my trick to turn down food. I always tell people I'm having "tummy trouble", and if that doesn't do it, you can add something about a fish dish from the evening before, or flu symptoms - - - never fails to stop them in their tracks.

    Keep up the good work!
  9. actionjac21's Avatar
    When I read about the diet... it said that it could even make you not have a period so i wouldnt worry too much....
  10. scientistmac's Avatar
    You'll be seeing the 140s REAL soon!!!! Good for you I wish I could stay on longer to see that number, but that's definitely not going to happen. I'm having a hard time realizing I still have 5 more days of eating just this crap, lol!

    FYI both rounds I spotted like crazy nonstop. HCG messes with my girly parts for sure!
  11. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Well I go back and forth...I think I may end up
    doing a longer round just because my LDW last time was 155 but I stabilized around 156-7 so I'd like to at least have a little padding and get into the 140s and to stabilize in the 140s. Last time I added an extra week or so. I can probably do that this time, too. Hopefully...

    Next week is TOM though. Not excited about that. Although I have been spotting all week. And I'm on the pill so I'm not sure if it's the hcg messing with my system or what. Whatever....

    I really am looking forward to phase 3 though. Last round I did sugar free ice cream and sugar free frozen yogurt and that's all I can think about right now lol!
  12. scientistmac's Avatar
    Yes, you definitely chose better!!!! And my guess it's the bathroom issue, not the almonds, that gave you that 0.2 gain.

    Did you decide if you are doing a longer round now or is that going to be a day to day call? I personally cannot wait for Sunday to come!
  13. scientistmac's Avatar
    Congrats to you! Who knows what our bodies are thinking sometimes, lol. Glad you're in new weight territory. I'm 2 pounds into new weight and it feels great! I'm hoping to lose 1.8 by Sunday so I'll be at 155...of course more wouldn't hurt! But if I can at least do that, while keeping my BP up, I'll be satisfied!
  14. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Oh no! Yeah, I just finished reading your blog...have you decided what you're going to do?
  15. scientistmac's Avatar
    YAY Finally!!! Congrats on the big loss and turnaround! I'll spare you the details, you can read my blog if you'd like. But my BP is very low, passed out last night. So I'm going to be eating more calories until I can stop hcg (unless it happens again then i am off for good, early or not!). So fingers crossed I won't gain eating more.
  16. nix's Avatar
    I'm feeling your frustration as well. I am on P2, Day 12 and have on lost only 4.4 pounds. I have not cheated at all and am only eating what the diet calls for in all food groups. Frustration Level is very high!!
  17. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    You all are right...I just get so frustrated! I am barely eating anything and I'm gaining weight! That's not right...
  18. shadowcat410's Avatar
    same here girl! I am so ready to get 2nd week over and start seeing 3rd week losses. ugh. Hang in there. I'm struggling too... on the scale mostly. *shakes fist to the sky*
  19. scientistmac's Avatar
    I understand your anger, I really do. But you can't eat less than 200 calories because of it! You should eat clean to protocol for a couple of days instead of being rogue. Thinking of you!
  20. scientistmac's Avatar
    Hey girl, sorry that your body isn't cooperating. Did you stick to protocol Friday? I have a theory about fff days (with my body anyway). As you see in your menu above, you are only eating 300 cals. Sure to lose. But then when you eat more cals the next day, you might gain. It's just a theory, but I was looking at through other peoples blogs who have done fff days and some definitely gain the second day after. My guess is the calories jumping from 300 to 500. Yesterday I had 3 containers of fage AND an apple. Only 0.4 loss but I'll take it if it means I don't gain tomorrow! Just some food for thought.

    Hope your Sunday (today) was better!
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