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  1. Kellep's Avatar
    on your next batch mix - 6.7 cc of water to give you 13 injections of 150 iu's each. Then the shot will be .5 instead of .75 ( which .75 is to much - I hate big injections. That will make it better. Good luck. I'm glad to hear you loaded okay..
    Yeah- you don't want to add to much liquid to the hcg, then you have to take to much. My injections I'm doing right now are 140 iu's and I am injecting .25 of on the syringe.
    Good luck.. You better write it down so you don't forget :-)
    PS - Congratulations on your marriage and you will definately fit in a 10 for sure, it may be to big LOL>. You will look amazing..
    Updated May 7th, 2012 at 07:49 PM by Kellep
  2. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Hi Kellep,

    I loaded for 2 days as much as possible. Has been great. I am not feeling hunger like I did last round. I am still so happy I kept it off. My wedding is July 28 and I have a size 10 dress to fit into. I am a size 12 right now. MY Batcheleroutte party is June 2nd. So I have to be done by then. Which is why this is a short round.

    I would love to get down to 145 this round but we will see.

    So that is perfect .75 on my syringe. Thank you so much for the info. I was dosing all craziness. LOL
    I will remix a new batch in 13 days. So i have 2,000 and I should mix that with 6 cc total.
    And inject how much, each day?

    I am glad one of us is good at math.

    Thanks for the help I super appreciate it!
  3. Kellep's Avatar
    PS- My body loves high fat and no carbs too. I love Paleo/Primal eating too. Good luck on this round - don't forget to load. You are still loading right?
  4. Kellep's Avatar
    If your syringes hold 1cc? That is what most of them do. Then 150 would be .75 on your syringe. I would not start a dose higher then that. You don't lose more weight because your dose is higher, Most people are fine with 150 - they sometimes need to lower it even from there.
    PS- You know your will need to mix another batch right? The dose of 150 per day will last you 13 days.
  5. ktrinaC's Avatar
    Wow! I will be going to vegas next month and planned it to be right at the start of p3 for me. I too, am a lover of Vodka and I cant wait to drink it until I cant see straight! Hopefully I will keep the diet under control but I appreciate your idea of the tea and a detox when you get back... makes sense.
    Wish me luck!
  6. Trinigirl's Avatar
    I haven't seen the movie yet - can't watch it online. Trying to find a copy, but I did stumble upon his youtube page that has a wonder 5 part stream entitled "Big Fat Fiasco" Very enlightening!
  7. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Yes,I am still losing inches. I do feel smaller and I think my body is fighting a set weight point, lol. Whatever it is I am gonna stay strong. 2 more weeks to go - then on to P3.
  8. curvygirl63's Avatar
    You may not have lost on the scale but you could be losing inches. Take your measurements - you might be having an "inches lost" day. Or, your body might be at a previous weight set point and fighting to stay there. You know the program works, just keep moving forward.

    Good luck.
  9. dragonfly19's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. I started out at 145 about 2 weeks ago and withing the first two days I lost 6 pounds. I was thrilled...but then I just stopped. I didn't change the diet or anything. Just stopped now for 8 days and I'm getting frustrated to the point that I almost didn't eat. Yesterday I had two small salads and a little meat (chicken) in it and I gained a pound! I drink a gallon of water a day on average and idk what's wrong?
  10. happydj's Avatar
    Whoa! 3 pounds is exceptional...perfect time for Vegas!
    Enjoy that PI and WIN BIG!
  11. captncrunch's Avatar
    If it were me, I would go back to p2. If you do P3 for the 3 weeks u should also do p4 for 3 if it's ur r1 because u may have trouble stabilizing, if not then maybe try cycling. Most likely u won't lose a pound a day and u don't wanna stress urself out over hitting that number on a tight deadline.
  12. renec's Avatar
    It makes sense. When they want to fatten up a cow before butchering they feed them grains. For the first part of their lives they graze on grasses. For the last 6 months or so they are brought in to the feed lot and given nothing but grains which hugely increases their size and marbles the meat with fat. Grains make us fat.
  13. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Ha ha, I am hope so! Thanks I needed to hear that. I keep beating myself up for the vodka on Saturday. The last time I drank I had a loss still. Hmm, I did drink it with tea and stevia and not grapefruit. Ok this will budge, I release you fat, I release you!!!
  14. Sraines's Avatar
    I am right there with ya!!! I have been at a complete stand still for 2wks now...Hang in there we all have our little quirks when it comes to weight loss.... I guess our body's know what their doing...well most of the time :-)
  15. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Yay thanks! Yes I will and enjoy yours too! We can do this!!!!
  16. happydj's Avatar
    Congrats on moving that scale!
    You'll do great on the planned interuption, enjoy all those lovely P3 delights!
  17. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Grassy ***! I am stickin to it like glue. Thanks for the info on the boomerang, now i know better. I will be a super trooper till Vegas my planned interuption and then I am sure all hell will break lose, lol. I can just taste the 160's i appreciate your input as always,
  18. happydj's Avatar
    My body did the EXACT same thing in R1 after I experimented with vodka tonics. Grammie the hcg guru on the forum called it a 'boomerang'.

    Sat: Vodka tonics
    Sun: 1.4 lbs loss
    Mon: 2.5 lb gain
    Then it took me all week to take off those 2 pesky lbs!

    Stick to protocol like glue and you will get through it, but sleep is mui importante, so muffle that roomie of yours if possible
  19. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Willpower hon! You can do it!
  20. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Yah! Thanks not even a hot fudge sunday, even though it is the end of the world... sigh
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