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  1. misshottie101's Avatar
    Thank you
  2. Sam_Goldie's Avatar
  3. Mjohnson's Avatar
    That is soooo good!!! I can't wait to get there!
  4. misshottie101's Avatar
    Thank you it is so nice to have the 200's gone
  5. HCG_Junkie's Avatar
    Woohooo....congrats! Good luck, you can do it
  6. Newjulie's Avatar
    Oh Congratultaions!!!!! I know that feels fantastic!
  7. HealthierMel's Avatar

    Congratulations . .
  8. chunkynomore's Avatar
    So jealous! Counting down until phase three...actually until my next loading days lol. Did you find that you ate less today than you would have before you started phase 1?
    How were the last three days of vlcd with no shot?
  9. Ronnijay's Avatar
    Instead of eating apples on my apple days, I ate unsweetened applesauce, not to exceed 500 calories (usually much less in calories, actually). I also eat egg whites from the carton, without any yolk at all for my protein. I have been steady losing and usually stall out once every 10 days, it seems.
  10. Sraines's Avatar
    I did the apple day...it seemed to help...but you really have to like apples It was actually very easy...it said you can eat up to six in a 24hr period..I had 4 and was not hungry at all...Hope that helps
  11. Sraines's Avatar
    Yeh mine gave been all goofy also...used to be just a couple days...and I got TOM when I first started the VLCD and WOW was it a whopper...lol...well it's taht time again and it's spotty to say the least...I know it's gonna hit me hard again soon because my side it just screaming at me... Hope yours is easy....I just wish mine would get here and get it over with....
  12. misshottie101's Avatar
    Well time will tell, I hope it doesn't though that would suck.
  13. rockbottom's Avatar
    I don't want to freak you out unnecessarily -- but my TOM is usually only 3-4 days, and it was like 6 or 7 days while I was on HCG and way worse than normal too. Ugh. Hopefully you won't have the same experience!
  14. rockbottom's Avatar
    I never did see this! I'll reply to you in the other message you sent me. Check your inbox!
  15. misshottie101's Avatar
    I'm doing a 40 day round. You lost a lot on your first round, how long do you have to be on P3 and do you also have to do a P4. Do you know where I can get information on how much your portions are in P3 and what foods you can have. I really didn't get much information from where I get my drops from about P3 and P4.
  16. rockbottom's Avatar
    That's awesome! Congratulations.

    Are you doing a 40 day round? I was down about the amount as you are now at 25 days too... and I lost like another 10 pounds in a 40 day round. You're going to do great. Keep at it.
  17. Kathren's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by captncrunch
    Lol, I'm sarcastic so I wouldn't be surprised if in that situation i let the following statement slip out...."Take a second to reflect on what you just said, and ask yourself how much of a hypocrite you sound like."
  18. rockbottom's Avatar
    I got some of these on my upper lip -- they were terrible. Almost like impetigo or something. They hurt and they would not go away. I hadn't heard of anyone else having them... so I thought for sure they were impetigo -- so I read up on it online and the websites said to use Triple Antibiotic Creme on them... but I was scared to because I was on Phase 2.... so I used a medication (Vetericyn) we have at work for animals. Ha ha. I know, I know... it says right on the side of the bottle "Not for Human Use"... but it's the exact same stuff as Microcyn® for humans.... sooo -- anyway, it worked great.
  19. Ronnijay's Avatar
  20. tech_hunter's Avatar
    I got them on my legs.....drove me NUTS! They were gone after a few weeks though.
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