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  1. G-Dizzle's Avatar
    Alrighty, instead of making new blogs each day, I am just going to comment on this post.

    After writing about my 1st day, as the night progressed, I started getting that lovely achey feeling I experienced last round. I got on the exercise bike for a bit, that helped a little, then I felt like I was starting to cramp, and my jaws were tensing up, so took Ibuprofen. Cramping stopped, tense jaws, no. So, took a nice hot shower but even then the discomfort was ridic, so since I broke my 'I'm not going rouge for the first few days' already, with broccoli and NY steak and bread, I said 'eff it, call in the gin. Aaaaah. Woke up to a 1.6 loss. Whoot!

    Instead of posting each days menu, I'll just say today was a bit rogue too, as I had the half piece of bread w/ a tiny bit of coconut oil. Had a serving of blueberries w/3-4 strawberries....and used coconut oil (tsp) with my shrimp for lunch. Dinner I got a bit more rogue and had a very small serving, I am guess 1/4c, of a rice noodle dish with a peanut/ginger/soy dressing. I couldn't help myself! If I calculated everything correctly, I am a few calories over the 500, but I'll just hop on the bike this evening and burn a few cals. I never include the gin (or the cashews that I ate last round) into the equation. I like to consider those...invisible calories? lol.

    Energy/Mood has been good, although I did take a little nap this afternoon---but I blame that on a restless dog last night. I haven't taken any supplements but my probiotic today, and find that interesting...

    Hopefully as the night progresses I won't end up feeling all icky again. Although, I only have enough gin left for a glass or two, so I might have to get down on that.