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  1. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this. I will be heading into P3 in a couple of more weeks and this will definitely help!
  2. PATTYLOO's Avatar
    this is very helpful, particularly your 9/24/12 post of just how you handled p3, day by day. i'm only in R1 D4 VLCD, but I know those 30+ days are going to go fast - especially if I'm successful in dropping the fat. Now, I have a game plan for what to do next.
  3. fjjcreations's Avatar
    CONGRATS!! that is awesome!! When I went into phase 3- I was so worried...I didn't want anything to come back
    Just start very slow. I added 1 new food every couple days so I could see if there was a reaction - good or bad- that way you can quickly adjust and then you know a certain food that reacts well or not well.
    I added 1 egg the first day for breakfast and a small chef salad at dinner... I stayed on these 2 for 3 days. I had no gain... so I then added a small amount of cheese & 10 almonds- to slowly add back the 'good' fats...that went well for me...
    I added then some strawberries, next day I had a gain...when I traded the strawberries for an extra orange, it went back down...so needless to say I now know- strawberries- don't have a good reaction for me...

    I hope this helps and wish you the very best! you did it!! you made it through and now you have a little breathing room...just weigh everyday- not for fear, I do it out of habit. You know you can easily gain 1-3 pounds and never know it...I have been getting on the scale everyday for 2 years...now it's normal, it's that trigger to help me stay in line each day. If I see it go up. I don't panic, I just know now a routine to set up my 'good reaction' foods for that day and get it back to the number I want...

  4. Scarlett22's Avatar
    Starting Round 1 Phase 3 tomorrow morning. I have finished 40 days injections and three days still in phase 2 to allow HCG to work itself out. It took every bit of that as I am still not very hungry. Started at 223, and today I weigh 195.i am 5'i" female age 52. I have felt incredible energy on the HCG daily morning injections and no side effects. I have been very pleased with my results and have not had to have any steak or apple days. Any tips for Day 1?
  5. fjjcreations's Avatar
    sorry for the delay in reply, I was away from home You can have cheese, very small amounts, I started with maybe 1 or 2 small bite size blocks... tryi t and then check your scale the next day to see how you react to it. I always have good reaction to cheese, in small amounts, some have said they had to start with a lesser- like a +35 or +40 % cheese first then work their way up to the full sort cheeses GOOD LUCK!!
  6. simplymarvalous's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this great list with us. I feel it will be very helpful as I enter Phase 3. So it's ok to eat cheese in round three ?
  7. fjjcreations's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kjbarbie
    Thanks! I'm so looking forward to adding a little dairy and real salad dressing! This Phase will be a snap!
    It really is easy, you already got through the hard part
    You made the choice and now your on your way

    Best Wishes!!!
    Updated June 15th, 2012 at 10:13 AM by fjjcreations
  8. kjbarbie's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm so looking forward to adding a little dairy and real salad dressing! This Phase will be a snap!
  9. Loul29's Avatar
    This really helps! What if I had greek yogurt everyday?
  10. fjjcreations's Avatar
    Hope you have a great day and upcoming week... keep me posted
  11. jax866's Avatar
    today is the day I started, i am ready..i also have medication that I can not stop taking for fear that it would send my MS back into a landslide. i feel more confident now that I truly know that I am not unique, per dr. i will take the medication at night before i go to bed so as not to disrupt my day. i am drinking my morning coffee now...
  12. fjjcreations's Avatar
    I showed him !!!!!! HAHAHA I now have the control... LOL... got up this morning circled the scale... stuck my tongue out and walked AWAY... HA.

    Decided to give him a couple days to think about his actions! I'll let me him give me the proper numbers on Monday...
  13. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Hee-larious! Been there.
  14. fithappens's Avatar
    Yeah....that's just mean! Good luck tomorrow, keep me posted! I have to knw what happens now
  15. fjjcreations's Avatar
    good for you that you waited until you were ready! So many jump head first and they just aren't 'mentally' ready. I also had an illness and my meds played a big part in the weight gain (the 1 and only side effect) - go figure...lol.
    I have truly NEVER felt better in my life. Getting this weight off also released a lot of inner pain and issues. It's an all around diet to say the least.

    I wish you the very best and if ever you have a question or need an 'uplifting' word...drop me a line!
  16. jax866's Avatar
    thank you thank you, i am starting my journey in the morning tomorrow....today is the last day of loading/gorging and i am thinking about what i want to eat. i am also going and getting the scale and a measuring tape today. i am feeling eerily calm and feel as if i have surrendered. i have had the drops for a couple weeks now but i had to go through my surgery and then play with my indecision.... oh how the mind can play tricks on me!! i am ready....
  17. fjjcreations's Avatar
    The orange is very much protocol - via HCG Diet.com
    the phase 2 is:

    maybe you have purchased elsewhere with different food list...
    but as of this forum for the www.hcgdiet.com this is the approved food list


    Each person is different... oranges are great for me... but strawberries made me stall. So you have to go with the foods that work best for you
  18. Ronnijay's Avatar
    Some of this, lke the orange, is not on HCG Protocol. I found that some of my stalls were directly related to orange consumption (I was eating them to keep my sugar up).
  19. fjjcreations's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by reindeer1
    That is just what i wanted to read on the eve of my 1st HCG journey! Thank you! Inspiring, honest and wonderful! Thank you!!!!!!

    THANK YOU! I wish you the BEST OF SUCCESS... it has been a journey and 100% worth it!

    I am on my 2nd round and down 32LB !

    feel free to ask any questions...will be happy to help!
  20. reindeer1's Avatar
    That is just what i wanted to read on the eve of my 1st HCG journey! Thank you! Inspiring, honest and wonderful! Thank you!!!!!!
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