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  1. Lnzartrs91's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by disco_m
    Oh my yummy....
    HAHA IT IS!!!!!!!
  2. disco_m's Avatar
    Oh my yummy....
  3. Lnzartrs91's Avatar
    Yay! Your welcome! Let me know how it turns out!
  4. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    This sounds amazing! I'm going to try it tonight...Thanks
  5. Lnzartrs91's Avatar
    Yeah I keep a diet journal its about 294 calories but you get your Protein in with the almonds! I also made one with peanut butter and it was a bit lower in calories (around 279) But I figure if Iam getting my protein Im good! Im on phase 3 tho as of today its one week on phase 3!
  6. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Woa. That's an amazing recipe. Ever see the calories for it? I would want all 6 cups. I'm gonna copy and paste this recipe onto my blog where I keep stuff I need to reference later! thx.

    Also....I share your same feelings with weight. I'm stabilizing after my Round1 at 118lbs. I'm okay with that....I haven't steadily been under 130lbs for years. But I'm also 5'1" and curvy/busty and would love to get to 110lbs. It's all about body conformation, and we are each individual.

    Are you still on Ph3? I'm confused about what stage/phase you are in now? Private message me if you want!!! Keep yer head up, you can do it!