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  1. Dar40's Avatar
    I just joined forum today, Nov. 25th. Today was my 2nd load day. Reading your post and wondered how you are doing. I think today is around your 8th day.
  2. Jewely's Avatar
    Daaaaaaaang!!!! That's great!
  3. topphotographer's Avatar
    Wow You and I sound alot alike. I gained 6 lbs on the 1st phase. I have lost it all plus 8 more. I am on day 11 and I am at a stand still now. But my weight now is 208. I havent seen that in years as well!!!! Good Luck!!!!
  4. Lizzy001's Avatar
    Wow! You gained a lot on your loading days. I only gained 1.1 and I ate so much, lol. I'm so happy you are doing so well! Thanks again for all your advice!
  5. 1WildAngel's Avatar
    Congrats Johanna!! Way to go!
  6. 1WildAngel's Avatar
    Way to go Johanna!!! Sounds like you're off to a great start... This is VLCD 5 for me and I have yet to have any hunger pains that weren't mental. Usually, they're satiated with refilling my water bottle or just stepping out to take a small walk. Keep it up!!!!
  7. takingcontrolofmyweight's Avatar
    Congratulations on your weight loss! I think sometimes it is harder for us to visually notice that we have lost weight on our own bodies. I will look in the mirror sometimes and think well maybe this part looks smaller or maybe this part. But there is nothing better than hearing someone else tell you that you look skinnier. You will start to see it soon. All of a sudden you will out on a piece of your clothing and be swimming in it...that's when you will do the happy dance!

    Good luck and keep it up!
  8. Heidihcg's Avatar
    I'm also doing injections I ordered mine online though how many iu's are u injecting cause I just changed my dose cause I was always hungry and dizzy, so they told me to lower my dose here, the website I ordered from says to take 250iu but that seems really high
  9. Johanna Rodriguez's Avatar
    I get mine through my doctor, it's not the homeopathic hcg, and I'm doing injections.
  10. Heidihcg's Avatar
    Wow 14 pounds that's great. What hcg are u using?
  11. Johanna Rodriguez's Avatar
    You should really look into that. I've lost 1lb a day, the least you lose is .5 lb a day. I'm super paranoid about medications and ordering from other places. I'm doing mine through a doctor.
  12. Heidihcg's Avatar
    Ill try the eggs thing, and I'm on vlcd 7 went from 182.4 to 173.7 including loading, I'm pissed I haven't released today and yesterday only .2 which isn't much. I'm not sure why, I'm eating protocol and drinking tons of water, I hope I'm using real hcg, cause it was from China.
  13. Johanna Rodriguez's Avatar
    Yeah I've noticed a lot of people have those dreams, lol, I think it's because we're so conscious of what we're eating and want the protocol to work. My boyfriend is very supportive even though he says "The FDA say those doctor's are full of ****"...my answer is "well the FDA can kiss my arse because I've lost 10 lbs so far". His main concern is my health, he can't get past the 500 calories, lol.

    I'm doing injections too, I thought it'd be hard, I HATE needles. Kinda of funny the things you're willing to do when you can't find any other solution. I find that I'm less hungry on the days that I've had eggs. Also, I'm a psychology major and I take care of the psychological aspect of eating by using a smaller plate and making it look like more food. Helps a lot, some times I feel STUFFED.

    How much have you lost so far?
  14. Heidihcg's Avatar
    Hi there I'm one day ahead of you, vlcd 6 and I also experience hunger here and there, nothing unmanageable but it does suck. That's hilarious ur having nightmares of eating out of protocol lmao, I had a nightmare like that the first day of low cals, my husband thinks I'm obsessed with hcg talk. Whatever I'm losing weight that's what matters. What kind of hcg are u on? I'm doing injections of pergnyl highest purity