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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Interesting article. Sounds like a good plan!!!!
  2. MominCali's Avatar
    She has an update, too, for figuring out how many calories you need, based on height and age...
    Good luck with it!
  3. Sraines's Avatar
    I printed the article and am going to read it...cause I dunno about you...but 2500 cal a day for me to get to 150 is much more inviting than the 500 cal...well see thanks for sharing btw
  4. Espressowhip's Avatar
    I'm glad you are feeling better and finally got a new number to gaze upon!

    Goals are good!
  5. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I saw that photo too. Doesn't she see how emaciated she is? Doesn't she have loved ones that can say, hey Leeanne, trying to have the body of a lanky 11 year old boy is NOT HOT. She looks awful. Congrats with your loss. 122 is the right direction!~!!!!!!
  6. MominCali's Avatar
    I'm proud you did the protocol for the whole phase... I still can't stop cheating.
    It's better now in P3, where the definition of "cheating" has changed... unfortunately, it still doesn't include chocolate.
    I started eating frozen grapes the other day. They're nice and sweet, and, by the time you get through a bunch, your mouth is numb and you don't remember what it was you were going to be distracted from...
  7. MominCali's Avatar
    I happened to have the capsules on hand... we'll see how effective they are...
  8. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Chicken soup, chocolate cake and a little lovin are a good combination!! I just finished my morning hcg and am doing my last 2 VLCDs and then P3. Of course I ate P3 and not P2 today, but thats why I ended the drops. I just couldn't take it anymore.
  9. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Not necessary, the capsule form is more expensive. I just buy from the bulk food store, that way is cheaper, because in Canada Psyllium is quite expensive. Yes, I mean Psyllium husks. They are very good for you, try it.
  10. MominCali's Avatar
    Do you mean Psyllium husks? In capsule form?
  11. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Laurarosee, I am no expert (yet) at this diet, but I have been on quite a strict eating regime for the last 3 month, eating only veggies and fish, drinking crazy smoothies and stuff. So , what I am trying to say, is that I know a few things about hunger and restrictions. Here is what helped me. Drinking green tea, that I make several liters at the time. Also, Psyllium. It is a fiber, that expands in your stomach and gives you a feeling of full, has no calories. And it is allowed on this diet, I know that for sure. I hope this helps, and just make sure you don't quit. Just a little more and you will be done! I am here for you! Be strong, we can do this!
  12. MominCali's Avatar
    Feeling better today, actually, thanks!

    A wonder what chicken soup and chocolate cake can do...

    Going to try for a run in the AM...

  13. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Are you still under the weather?! Girllll....you need some TLC!

    I'm sure his attention levels have more to do with your mucus production than your body shape.

    Hang in there!
  14. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Love it!!! I decided that today was my last hcg day. I can't take it anymore. Of course I started a new one this morning and that was going to get me through next week and if I end now I'll have to do 3 rounds and not just 2 rounds. Well....I guess I'll see in the morning. I am vicariously enjoying the chocolate.
  15. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    Your post put the smile on my face. YOu are funny...and cute...I am just getting ready for all this, have no instructions, no idea how to do it. But my order is in the mail! Can't wait!
  16. Espressowhip's Avatar
    I use Dieter's Tea (or Wallgreens), I got it at Rite Aid in the diet-aids area. It's Senna Leaves, relatively gentle, except when things are moving, then there is some discomfort, but after that the discomfort is gone. I brew it together with a spicy chai aromatic tea to overpower the earthy/icky flavor and aroma of the Senna leaves.

    Feel better soon!
  17. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Hope you feel better soon.. I felt the same way when I was sick a couple weeks ago. All I wanted was tea and soup. Of course I wanted orzo or pastina in my soup...heck I would have settled for wild rice but I was on P2. Will be joining you on P3 some time next week. I've been very well behaved the last few days and my losses are slowing.. I don't have much patience for it. Feel better soon. BTW, I use psyllium husks, which is the main ingrediant in some over the counter product.
  18. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Nice!!!! Those morning runs sound great too!!!!
  19. Espressowhip's Avatar
    I like this side of you!

    And you did fantastic at the pool party! Good job!
  20. MominCali's Avatar
    Alouise26 - You lost 100 lbs? I am in awe. Fantastic job! I can't imagine the amount of dedication that takes. Also, I agree with you. Those "last 10 lbs are the hardest" is an adage for good reason; it's true! I'm not sure why I want 115. Actually, I'd like 110, but at that point, I start losing boobs and my jaws look too thin. I guess I'd like to just be able to fit into my clothes lurking in the back of the closet. They've been haunting me for a few years...

    I'm going into P3 tomorrow. Breakfast will be some kind of egg, snacks will be fruit and/or nuts, and lunch and dinner will be salad with a protein (and whatever dressing I like, no sugar, though). That is a totally reasonable diet, and if I stick to it faithfully I should reach my goal within the next 2(ish)weeks.
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