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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Near San Luis Obispo, sorry you are a ways away from me.
  2. curvygirl63's Avatar
    Can you be a little more specific? I'm in Northern California [San Fran]
  3. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
  4. Rivyn's Avatar
    Yay!!!!! What a feeling right?! Especially when you don't have to buy the largest size, that's like a double achievement! My main goal was to fit into my work clothes and suits before I came back from maternity leave. I was so happy the shirts fit, and my pants had to all be taken in in the hips. I'm glad you're having fun shopping!
  5. shadowcat410's Avatar
    R5 and over 19 pounds, that's awesome. I'm jealous. I can't even lose 19# in my first round in a 30 day round. I'm lucky if I get to 15# in a month. Good for you. And you picked a perfect user name!!! I'll say. Oh and I am trying to make a committment to do yoga 5x a day in my new round. You can go as slow as you like, so there's should be no excuse as to have to stop! dang it.

    Hope you post your inches.
  6. Perseverance's Avatar
    Thanks Julie, it is funny cause I started with WW so I have that weight lost a very little then used myfitnesspal and have that ticker than finally and thank God found HCG and that ticker is different. Anyway when people ask how much I lost I get confused sometimes I will say since what program. I will leave it for now and it will make my next round celebratory, Not that they all are not. Thanks
  7. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P! Congratulations on another great round!

    BTW, I think your ticker should include your other loss but thats me and you didnt ask ---- LOL!
  8. Perseverance's Avatar
    Thank Barb, It has been so long since I did R1 and R2 I can't remember but it says in Pounds and Inches and I know I followed that. If you have not read Pounds and Inches it is really important to the program and you can download it for free. As far as exercise goes the protocol is not to exercise or at least do strenuous exercise. However if you have always done some form of exercise it may be ok. In P2 I usually walk. do yoga, hike or a half hour bike ride. Those seem to be fine for me. I just went back to Zumba this last week of P2. Things like Zumba or rowing which I also do burn too many calories and I can't do them when I am eating so little. I felt pretty strong this last week so I gave Zumba a try and it was fine though I may not have pushed it as much. By P4 I exercise all I want. But everyone is different you will have to see what works for you. Hope this helps.
  9. BarbM's Avatar
    I have a few questions.. how long did you wait between your 1st and 2nd round. and i thought you were not supposed to exercise while on this diet? I congratulate you on your success.
  10. Newjulie's Avatar
    P --- please take it as a compliment --- it is your choice and I am sure the comment was well meaning. I have said to people in the past "You look terriic!" and had the response of "oh, did I look that bad before?" So now i try to say "YOU look particularly great today!"
    We are going thru lots of changes and I agree with REdefining and Megan.

    We need to make sure we frame everything in a positive light so we can move forward. his is about YOU , not about them.
    You know you did the work --- 90 lbs is a tremendous loss no matter how you look at it. YOU did the work --- just be happy!

  11. MeganP's Avatar
    You are different in many ways! Congrats on the loss of 90 lbs. people only say that because well your 90 lbs lighter of course you'll look different hun, but mostly you'll have changed inside ( in a good way less stress on organs) and how you think about food eating ect, really you are different in many ways since the beginning of your journey. Dont get upset when people say it. Embrace it as a sign of positive energy that people can see you changing physically and mentally . It keeps a person sane. Congrats again 90 lbs is amazing!
  12. redefiningme's Avatar
    Congratulations with your victorious weight loss!!! Yay!

    The guy from Project Runway, Ven, is an ignoramus. Really. He needs to lose fat himself.
  13. Perseverance's Avatar
    LIW is your last injection (or dose) weight before you do the three 500 cal days w/o HCG. This is the weight you are not to go 2# above or below in P3/4
  14. Eftimia's Avatar
    That's great news...you're an inspiration!!
    One question...what is LIW?
  15. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P,

    So sorry i did not see this post sooner. I am not on the computer as much as I ussed to be since I am all over the house cleaning. And SUnday, I had my son here for most of the day, so I wasnt really on at all. I am sending you a PM> XOXO
  16. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P! Thats fabuous!!!

    Congratulations on doing so well so fast!
  17. angelatjax's Avatar
    Good job ,I know to well how that feels
  18. woohoo's Avatar
    Its the worst feeling ever! Good thing you were alright and you had friends around to watch you. Take it easy on yourself I just got back from standing in line for 45 minutes (in the heat) at immigration and by the time I was leaving I felt like I wasnt going to make it back to my car. I had a 20 minute walk to get back but had to sit down with my head inbetween my knees for 20minutes before I could go. I am in week three which is probably why this is happening to me.
  19. Perseverance's Avatar
    You rock it girl!
  20. MeganP's Avatar
    i didnt have much to loose, i dropped 2 pants sizes and am now well into phase 4 its okay tho because well i look sexy as hell as long as i know it im good.
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