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  1. Jaimi's Avatar
    I too am planning on the lift, implants and tummy tuck in the near future once I complete my weight loss. I still have another 60 pounds to go, but know I will be there next year. I will also be following your experience to get a better understanding of what I have in store for me. I have has 2 really horrible c-sections so I know what it feel like to go through the surgery but think these procedures are going to be more than that. I will be following you on FB. Good luck in your transformation.
  2. yayhowfun's Avatar
    Oh - and I'd say do the tummy tuck and boobs together. Believe me - you're gonna want to show those boobies off in a bikini top!
  3. yayhowfun's Avatar
    Haha - thanks for the note! I won't be updating here - so be sure to bookmark my website - http://thenotsoperky.com - and Like The Facebook Page for The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Perky! Also...PLEASE tell people about it! This is my shameless self-promotion as an aspiring writer. And yes - pics...LOTS of them will be posted on the site.
  4. pinkprincess's Avatar
    OMG!!!! Please be my guinea pig! I'm having all of this stuff done in January! I'm holding you to the blog because I want to know all of the details! Pain, recovery, everything! I'm planning on doing the lift, implants, and my arms done first. I may then tackle tummy tuck and lower body lift, depending how the first one goes. Keep updated and if it's not too gross, please post picks....or email them to me privately. It's hard for me to imagine my body after all of this. (I'm not perverted, I swear, just type A and over analytical!)
  5. Running's Avatar
    Congratulations! I'm so proud and happy for you! Way to stick it out. You've done great!!!!!
  6. Running's Avatar
    I had to tell myself something similar this morning. I knew I'd gain from my binge weekend, BUT I didn't expect to gain again, today!!! Hang in there.. You're ALMOST there!
  7. CrittleBug's Avatar
    You know you can do an apple day or a protein day. An apple day is where you start at lunch time and eat up to 6 apple until the next day at lunch. You don't eat anything else and you only drink water when your thirsty. A protein day is where you eat your 500 daily calories in only protein, but you can only have one kind of protein. Like cook 5 pieces of 3.5 oz of chicken and eat it throughout the day and drink a lot of water like normal. I do both of these and they both work to help you loose atleast a lb a day. Also I'm not sure how often you use the restroom, but if your not having a bowel movement everyday or every other day that can keep you from loosing weight too. You can also do a couple more days of protocol to get to your goal if you want. Your allowed to go up to 40 days, so if you don't reach your goal, I would just do a couple extra days so you can get there. Well I hope this was helpful and good luck on reaching your goal.
  8. love2snorkel's Avatar
    Love it!! Kick that hCG bootie!! And keep up the great work.

    Just keep swimming...
  9. yayhowfun's Avatar
    12 oz?? That's almost double what we typically have in a day right?? Well, I suppose taking out the fruit helps. I haven't yet heard about a bits and pieces day...but I like the sound of it! Thanks!
  10. julief's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry yet But if it lasts more than 2 days I would do a bits and pieces day..Make 12 ounces of chicken or fish and eat it in smalll amounts throughout the day with no fruit or melba..You will most surely lose.
  11. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Can I make a suggestion? I know I'm new to hcg but I read about taking some Coconut Oil. for three days in a row I weighed in at the same. then I put a tablespoon in my morning coffee, and used it to saute shrimp that evening for supper. the next day I was down .5 --not much--but after three days at the same weight I'll take it!
    I read about it here: http://www.hcgdietcanada.com/apps/bl...-vlcd-approved
    p.s. this is my first post here!
  12. TangleMKB's Avatar
    Very cute! Congrats!
  13. yayhowfun's Avatar
  14. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Lol! you are too funny!

    Btw... I love Snoop when he does the Comedy Central Roasts.
  15. Musique's Avatar
    I like your attitude! I too, am trying to think of food as fuel only. I hope you don't get the headaches I did, but if you do, they will go away. I still get grumbling in the tummy, but I am use to it now and can push through. I think your weight loss on the first day was great and congrats! I thought what you said about being hungry when you are suppose to made a lot of sense and made me realize that I need to keep on a good schedule instead of waiting until I am very hungry to eat. Heck! I didn't even know I was doing that until I read your blog. Anyway, good luck and I am excited for you.

    Brandy (VLCD Day 7)