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  1. Buying Hcg- Where Do I Start? (originally posted by mgsondance)

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    1- Decide if you want to do homeopathic hcg (hhcg) or prescription strength hcg (Rx hcg)- I strongly prefer the latter, so my directions will be based on that. http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...methods-12408/

    2. Decide if you want to do drops or shots. Both methods work equally well, and itís easy to adjust your dose as needed.
    Shots- Advantage of the shots is that you only need to do them once a day, which makes them the easiest.
  2. Ask Grammy

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    The Real Sublingual HCG:

    I just started my second round with RX HCG sublingual and mixed it with sodium chloride only.
    One thing I need to find out is what should it taste like? Since this is my first time of mixing, I am very nervous and want to make sure that I did it right. When I placed it under my tongue, I noticed that it has almost no taste (just a hint of salt).
    My first round was on homeopathic drops and it tasted like and some other stuff.