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  1. kbj's Avatar
    I'm jealous of your stabilizing easily in P3 - I still go up & down and haven't added in much new since my first days. and yes, yes, yes, bread is almost the best food ever! I loooove homemade bread for sandwiches, toast, dunked in chili, croutons, french toast, with cheese or pate....on and on and on...I'm not sure I will even add it in this P4, since I am going to start P2 again right after it is over...
  2. thomygirl's Avatar
    kbj; I am in P3 day 19 now, so we are in about the same spot. I start p4 this Thursday and am a little worried about it as well. I have had no problems in p3 with stabalizing, but I know bread is my enemy. Now I just have to add them in slowly and see if it is all starch's or just yeast breads or simple carbs that are my enemies!!!!
  3. ddRN's Avatar
    Oh! Check out eatinglow.com. Her recipes are here including videos. http://www.eatinglow.com/recipes.htm She is a little scattered but it is fun to watch. What I like is she uses the fewest amounts of the simplest ingredients so it isn't a huge undertaking to make one of her recipes. She has a recipe for a protein cookie I am going to make for my mom. She uses Splenda but we could easily replace it with stevia
  4. kbj's Avatar
    Thanks, Susan, for you thoughts. I've tried getting prepared veggies or salad bar selections from Whole Foods and Boston Market, but the only thing I could stomach was the hard-boiled egg. I'm pretty sure this is a stall due to a long-term set-point, and I'm just not going to fret too much about it. I'm eating the protein shakes with strawberries thrown in, an occasional egg, and taking both digestive enzymes and detox support with lots of vitamins, in addition to a B12 shot.

    Honestly, it feels a whole lot like when I was pregnant and could only stomach the thought of carbs which, of course, I can't have now. Sooo, I've decided to skip my last skip days - I never lost the next day anyway - and just ride out my last shots and see if the scale drops anymore. If yes, great, if not, then I will move on to "cheese & avocado & bacon, oh my!" and be thrilled for the achieved losses and the yummy food!
  5. Paendora's Avatar
    Since you aren't interested in cooking, has that caused you to eat less? Not eating enough can cause stalls just like eating the wrong things or too much of good things. Look how far you've come!

    I haven't ventured into the shakes yet. Did some similar on Atkins, but haven't seen the need yet to supplement protocol.

    well...except for the okra yesterday. I looked it up on the Atkins chart and there's tons of fiber in Okra, and it was fresh and at the farmer's market and ...I did ok. still lost. While I shouldn't recommend off protocol, you might try substituting a vegetable or two for variety...maybe there's something your body needs from a different veggie or meat to move forward and let go of those last pounds?

    Enjoying your sharing,