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  1. yesiknit's Avatar
  2. Zami's Avatar
    Right On Susan! Way to say it!
  3. mspanda's Avatar
    This is so true!
    "Our enviroment reacts to that energy and the new visual stimulation and treat us differently in return. Differently, but not necessarily better or worse. "
    It makes one really see how we are full participants in what environments we live in. We can affect how the world treats us.
  4. kbj's Avatar
    Love it about the cat litter! I had my husband bring in a 35 pound bag of dog food from the car and told him that it was equal to the weight I had lost. He was shocked.
  5. Beenz's Avatar
    Paendora, there is nothing like the illness/loss of a parent or two to really get to you in so many ways. I have NEVER been as heavy as I was when my Dad passed; and I promised him in one of his good moments that I would get this under control when he was gone. I think he would be pleased to see that I have found something that is working. The emotional and time stresses when you're going through that, or a divorce, I'd imagine, are so intense!!!
  6. mcneillpat's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing really well so far!
  7. SHERYLSLC's Avatar
    How did you do. I am new to this as well. Love reading other post about it. Hope all is well.
  8. kbj's Avatar
    Paendora, hope you have a great loss in the morning to jump start your way to the real you!