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  1. evejane's Avatar
    Yes!! Umpteenth timer here. You've got this. Keep at it. I'm hopeful this is the last and best time where I reach goal also.
  2. Shelle135's Avatar
    You can do this! Its my umpteenth time also!
  3. Waffles4me's Avatar
    Hi! Welcome back, you and I are in the same boat. We got this, you can do this, don't let anyone tell you that you can't. You have always wanted this, and you can have it. Just take it one day at a time.
  4. bebifal's Avatar
  5. Anna77's Avatar
    Sorry about that
  6. Determined10's Avatar
    Where in Africa do you live? I know someone else on this site that is from South Africa.
  7. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    Wow... so sorry to hear about that! :-(
  8. bebifal's Avatar
    How did you lose the 133lbs?
  9. snoppy48's Avatar
    Same here, getting sick didn't help, still feel ill! I'm not sure this is for me but will stick it out, paid a lot of money for it so no quitting! I lost 5lbs so that is great and I like you want to lose enough so I can go back to maintain my weight! I had been doing great for 20 years, had lost 133lbs in my own, kept them off too until 2years ago! Put 40lbs on, hate it! Those are what I'm hoping to lose so..... hang in there, I'll hang too!
  10. bebifal's Avatar
    thanks for the response guys!!!. I'm definitely taking your que blak porsche (fierce name by the way) re-learnnig how your body, mood and energy levels react to carbs. Carbs are my weakness-- my crack, my addiction. I get bloated and i overeat on them, then the next day i'm a walking bloated sausage. This time I really want to truly break the cycle.

    Hcg is such a mental game and it is soooo hard to stay in it but oh the rewards are great. Sigh just plan on taking it one day at a time.
  11. snoppy48's Avatar
    I am with you Beb.... sick of feeling this way! I know we can do this!! IF I can ever figure this forum out and where my posts go :/
  12. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    Hi Beb!

    Each time you're getting better at learning your body! Even if it's not your last time, just keep moving! We're here to support your efforts! I learned how to eat for the first time in my life. I was an athlete so I was used to burning everything I ate. Lots of carb!!! During my first round, I learned how my body, mood and energy level really responds to carbs. Here's wishing you a great round. :-)
  13. bebifal's Avatar
    update: I am so happy to say I have not had peanuts today and that fact that it's almost 4.30 and I haven't succumbed means i'm good for the day!!! Whoop Whoop. I also just realised that I haven't had a BM since Saturday (TMI lol) might have to drink some smooth move tea -- but I try to avoid it because the taste makes me gag
  14. Octobergurll's Avatar
    Yes, I should start something, but the weather here in Texas is so weird. I signed up for kickball but in the meantime I may start walking a little bit.
  15. bebifal's Avatar
    I was exercising pretty intensely before hcg so I made a decision not to stop. What I do is increase my protein. Also if you weren't exercising before hcg, i'd highly recommend starting with something light but just see how you feel though. I think it's great that you want to get in some exercise. FYI KICKBALL IS SOOOO FUN!!!
  16. bebifal's Avatar
    well I can tell you I most likely aint reaching my weekly goal after the attack of the study munchies. But you are right -- we are in this together!!!
  17. Octobergurll's Avatar
    Oh by the way I'm hoping I can get down to 183 by Friday.. I doubt it but hey it's a goal
  18. Octobergurll's Avatar
    OMG you sound like me. Congrats on your weight loss. I'm down to 188.6 today as well.. YAYY!! I'm happy but I did have 4 carmel candies (don't tell anybody) yesterday. I really want to lose the weight badly to that it gets depressing for me. I haven't started working out but I may sign up for a woman's kickball league in my area at least I'll get a little bit of excercise. I think a slip up every now and then isn't too bad. Stay determined I'm very proud of you. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!!
  19. bebifal's Avatar

    I know I have a pretty intense workout tonight maybe that's why. And part of me is knows i'm experimenting with how much I can get away with -- this is a very bad idea.
    I don't know why I self sabotage even when I know I want to lose the weight so badly that I cry sometimes just looking at myself.
    The fact is, I know I have it in me to be successful on hcg. The whole point in me trying to cycle is so that I can go on for months to lose all the weight.

    Sigh , Welp at this point it's too late to cry about it, the damage is done. In my prior protocols if I cheated, I would go purge. That is a cycle I refuse to start up.
  20. bebifal's Avatar
    well thank goodness the cheat didn't set you back. Weekends are really really reaaallly hard!! The urge to munch on goodies is horrible during that period. Maybe your body just needed a little fat. I'm currently battling peanuts-- I absolutely love them, it's a battle I have been losing everyday. Slow losses are better than nothing eh.

    I've been stress eating because I have exams in 2wks and between working full time, teaching spin class 3 times a week and not being able to sleep, I haven't gotten in as much study time as I would like.

    Well let's hope today is better, all we can do is take it one day at a time and be patient (which is completely easier said than done)
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