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  1. Brileo's Avatar
    Could it be "goitronic" or the "cruciferous"vegetables?
  2. LilyinMO's Avatar
    I love the hcgchica.. very helpful info for everything!

    THis may be TMI, but how do you know you're in "Keto - acidosis"? is this where you pee on a strip and the color of it will tell you?
    I'm also assuming that being in "keto acidosis" means you're burning fat?

    I'm on who knows what round (I've done on and off over the last 7 years) but I'm on VLCD3 and have lost 6.2 lbs... LOVE the first week
  3. Kristilyn's Avatar
    I totally get what you're saying. If I don't land under 240 before P3 I won't go on P3. I have to reach that section in order to be even in my head about it. I wanted to be thin yesterday! Instant gratification takes too long. I want to be thin NOW!
  4. HealthierMel's Avatar
  5. lindahoyt's Avatar
    Thank you "Cat"...I hope you continued to do well!
  6. KatCamp's Avatar
    Wow I've been on every stinkin diet too, and so far this is working. 10 pounds in 14 days is a good start for me. I enjoyed seeing your pictures too...you're doing great!