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  1. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    i have NO IDEA how you posted your question in a blog instead of in the original thread on the forum but please ask your question here:


    the thread you're looking for is the first one on the page, once you click on it, go to the top right and hit the button that says "Last>>" and once you're there, go down to the bottom and click REPLY to ask your question.

    good luck, that thread is filled with people who know far more than i do - the blogs won't gain you many answers.
  2. fancy_nancy48101's Avatar
    Hi I'm new here, I started hcg activator pills from vitamin shoppe and was wondering if they are real or not. I started lds on 8/13 &14, and vlcd onthe 15th at 213.6 lost 11.4 first wk. Now at vlcd13 have lost 1#, and stayed the same 3 days, and gained.4 another day. I have ordered and recieved hcg 5000 iu and kit, since I haven't seen anyone taking the pills, and wondered if I should stop pills and start injections after p3 or now.