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  1. Beth_M's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by janet68
    This is great-anyone know about agar agar for thickening? Thanks!
    If you try the agar agar in P3 do so sparingly and see how your weight does.
  2. janet68's Avatar
    This is great-anyone know about agar agar for thickening? Thanks!
  3. janet68's Avatar
    This is great-anyone know about agar agar for thickening?
  4. gettingtothebikini's Avatar
    Where I live we don't have the hair products listed above. There are some Jason's products... do I just need to read the label and make sure there is no oil? Are there other ingredients that also need to be avoided?
  5. marvless's Avatar
    Beth, I just discovered your blog ... I'm a little late I know, but the information is so helpful, even to a vet like me who is on R4!
  6. mimi1218's Avatar
    Hello Beth, I just received HCG corian 2000, what dosage should I start with?
  7. AnotherGirl's Avatar
    Isn't avacado high in calories and fat? I know it's the "good" fat, but just wondering how that would affect weight loss....sorry I'm new to the hcg diet and still learning.
  8. mdain06's Avatar
    ok ty so much
  9. Beth_M's Avatar
    yes... I'd go to 35 for two or 3 days
  10. mdain06's Avatar
    I started out at 30, hungry the whole day so I tried 25 today and Im starving even more. Would you suggest I try 35?
  11. athousandlights's Avatar
    Hey beth - this is super helpful, thank you! In terms of the air - do you pull back .2 ml once you've already put the needle into the muscle? Or do you get the right dose into the syringe, pull back .2ml, and then inject it all? So, for example, if my dose is .5cc - I'd inject .7cc with .2 of them being air? I'm a little confused because I have been noticing that even though I inject the whole .5cc, there is either a little bit left in the tip of the needle (always a drop when I take it out of my leg) or a little of the liquid comes out of the injection site.
  12. redefiningme's Avatar
    Thanks, Beth. Very helpful.
  13. FreedomFromFat's Avatar
    Thank you for this post! very helpful!
  14. Moni-Jay's Avatar
    Hi Beth. Thank you so much for this list.
  15. Beth_M's Avatar
    Brooklyn, I try to stay fairly low.. the RDA is 2000mg.

    Artschoolgirl.. good to know about the V8
  16. artschoolgirl's Avatar
    low sodium v8 packs the best potassium punch i've found... 50 calories for 850mg of potassium
  17. brooklyn99's Avatar
    What is the recommended amount of sodium on phase 2?

    would you recommend potassium vitiams?
  18. MissLiz's Avatar
    This is very interesting! I've been retaining since I had sashimi the other day, with a little soy sauce. Even my fingers feel bloated and swollen! So maybe if I drink a bunch of water and eat potassium rich foods, it will all "exit."
  19. Beth_M's Avatar
    No panko or melba in P3.
  20. crobertslive's Avatar
    Hello! I was just curious about Panko Bread crumbs - are those okay for P3 and also, can we use Melba Toast as breadcrumbs for certain recipes in P3? Thank you for your wisdom about the details
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