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  1. Carb69's Avatar
    This is my third day and I have so many questions!..Thanks for the info!
  2. grammy1952's Avatar
    Other people have said this came from me? I'll see if I can find those places and correct them. I never count calories. I eat way more than I'm supposed to for my weight. I don't believe in calories in/calories out.
  3. susanbaz's Avatar
    Beth, have you tried eating more calories than the 11x formula on P3?
    Quote Originally Posted by Beth_M
    Wow.. Colleen.. this was posted on the board several places as coming from you. Hmmm..

    I wish I could eat over 2000 calories in a day
  4. Beth_M's Avatar
    Wow.. Colleen.. this was posted on the board several places as coming from you. Hmmm..

    I wish I could eat over 2000 calories in a day
  5. susanbaz's Avatar
    This diet has taught me that if I eat certain foods, I can eat more calories and maintain.

    If I stick to P3 eating, I can eat a few hundred calories more. As soon as I introduce even one carb, that number goes down. Same thing with regard to processed foods. If I stay away from them, I can eat more calories.

    Was it Margie who mentioned the 11X your weight theory, or am I remembering her commenting on that...I do recall reading it...but grammy is the consummate non-calorie-counter.
  6. grammy1952's Avatar
    Hmm, this isn't my advice, Beth. I never count calories. Once in a while I count them just out of curiosity. I eat well over 2000 calories a day. I don't believe in calorie counting at all. I only watch carbs to maintain.
  7. derocherl's Avatar
    On March 5, 2011, Colleen (Grammy) said she eats well over 2000 calories: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...-eat-p3-21866/

    I thought the point was--by the end of P3--to reset our hypothalamus to as high a calorie count as we are comfortable with (without stuffing ourselves), as long as we maintain our weight. This way, we don't have to worry about occasional indulgences in the future.
  8. Beth_M's Avatar
    I don't think Colleen still eats that many calories in a day.

    I've always looked at the 11 times number and worked around that. In R1 I could do about 1800 calories. In R2 at 159 lbs it was more like 1600 to 1700 most days.

    This round at 135 it seems that total will be lower.
  9. derocherl's Avatar
    This is awesome, Beth, thanks! My only confusion is about the calories limit. Even Grammy, to whom you credit these guidelines, says she eats between 2000 - 3000 calories a day and doesn't count calories. I've seen many posts from women who say they maintain at 2000+ calories, but gain if they eat less. In P3 week two, I maintained nicely and even dropped eating 2200 calories/day. I'm 5'3" and presently about 161 lbs. So the (11 x current weight) number seems low to me (I'd be at 1771 cals/day). Can you elaborate on this?
    Updated April 16th, 2011 at 09:14 AM by derocherl
  10. Karenmag3's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karenmag3
  11. Jenna's Avatar
    Beth, by any chance do you have a list of what kind of beans are good and what are bad for P3? Things like kidney, pinto, etc. Or are they pretty much all off limits?

    Thanks again for all the help! You are my Yoda!
  12. Catthai's Avatar
    Thank you for this Beth. I also read that some have to stick to mostly P3 foods to keep the weight off. I'm not a carb person (potatoes, breads, pasta, etc) so that will most likely be me.
    Updated April 7th, 2011 at 12:01 AM by Catthai
  13. ihodge's Avatar
    thanks for this list beth_m. i'll be starting p3 in a couple of days.
  14. annabanana72's Avatar
    This was exactly what I have been searching for! THANK YOU! I started P3 today. R1 lost 27 lbs.
  15. damselflydiva's Avatar
    When I made this - they were delicious, thanks for the recipe - I used just ground pork - then I added spices to make it seasoned like sausage - sage, thyme, salt, pepper, a teeny bit of nutmeg and ginger...you could add other things as you like - added these as I browned the sausage. Yummy!
  16. damselflydiva's Avatar
    Thank you so much Beth! This list is awesome. On day 3 of P3...so it was great to have last night when I was about to eat broccoli and snow peas! I saw yogurt on your list of things to avoid - is that only if they have sugar? or sweetener? I have been having plain, organic, greek yogurt and love it. This should be fine - right?
    Thanks again!
  17. Catthai's Avatar
    Beth, for P2 I was lazy and just stuck with the bare basics (also, I was worried about making the wrong choices). I steamed everything and added mustard and apple cider vinegar to whatever sounded right.

    But after two months I'm ready to get adventurous - IF I can find the ingredients. There is so much on this diet that is not available out here.

    And after my fourth order, I'm beginning to think that I should invest in stock from iHerb.com.
  18. mwaterfear's Avatar
    Your blog is so incredibly good it almost feels naughty! I hope you realize how helpful you are. Your words of advice, knowledge, and encouragement make a big difference. Thanks
  19. Beth_M's Avatar
    well there are P2 recipes there also
  20. Catthai's Avatar
    And now that I'm on P3, I can check out your recipes :-D
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