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  1. Phas 4 day 5 steak day results

    Did a by the book steak day yesterday. Today I was down -1.9 so only .2 away from my stabilization weight!!
    I woke up at 4am today - and I was hungry! I didn't eat, also didn't get back to sleep so just layed there thinking for an hour. Was weird being hungry like that when I woke up! I'm taking that as a sign my body needs more calories?
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  2. Phase 4 day 4 results

    Quote Originally Posted by just4me View Post
    been a busy day...haven't read any posts at all yet...

    First official P4 STEAK day here. Woke up this am with .8 gain so that puts me .2 over my stabilization weight and I AM HUNGRY!
    Not sure what put me over the edge - yesterdays menu was P3 all they way 3 eggs/cheese/sugar free salsa and a flax muffin for breakfast. Snack was 1 oz of cheese and some blueberries. Lunch was a chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and bolthouse farms dressing, dinner was turkey
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