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  1. thomygirl's Avatar
    Ellie - Florida had some cool weather while we were there, but for the most part it was nice. My first steak day was the hardest after you see the results from it - the next one you do seems easier because you know they work. Sometimes I eat my steak earlier like 2:30 and have my apple in the evening - helps with hunger and seems easier, but I work so that plan does not work for most of my steak days. I drink lots of water and herbal teas on steak days to fill the void.
  2. Elliebabe's Avatar
    5.8 isn't bad Thomygirl, could have been much more!
    Yeah you probably have a problem with gluten.
    How was the weather in Florida this time of year?
    I have a hard time doing steak days, how do you guys get the willpower to do them? All I want to do when I get to p3 is enjoy, yogurt and stuff like that.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Great job, Thomygirl! 19.6 on Round 2 is really good. Did u end up doing a 32/33 day round? I'm on my second round as well, and like have had more trouble, mentally, this round. But I'm feeling more positive. Also like you, I luv P3. So did u have your last dose of hcg this a.m? And you'll be in p3 Wednesday a.m? I always get a little mixed up with that. Keep us posted.
  4. thomygirl's Avatar
    NS: not today as I now am on VLCD D1 it is tempting though.
  5. nsbrown76's Avatar
    Eat some gravy and potatoes for me...and cornbread. LOL.
  6. Dubbles's Avatar
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Good Luck!
  7. thomygirl's Avatar
    I am planning on doing a 33 day round as I want to be done p3 by Dec 10th as we leave for Florida then. If I am losing well then I may just keep going and be on p3 1st week of vacation. P3 is not so bad to vacation on - good variety to choose from. I did p3 for 3 weeks anf p4 for 30 days. I would have only done the 3 weeks but did not want to miss Thanksgiving so that is why I waited the extra week. I wanted to follow pounds and inches protocol so I did not cycle back to p2 - it was tempting, but I want to reset my body properly. Good luck on your choices Dubbles.
  8. Dubbles's Avatar
    Hope u had a Happy Thanksgiving. Loading at that time seems like a great idea. I enjoyed loading, though a lot of people act like it was awful. Not sure I loaded properly though. Good luck on your r2How long do u expect to go? I'm going to do another round, but not sure exactly when. Do u do the p4 for 3 weeks? I would kind of like to go rogue, and do p3 for the 3 weeks and then p2 again, but don't know if that's a good idea. Have fun today loading!
  9. thomygirl's Avatar
    Dubbles I will keep you posted - I like to post about my VLCD days as it helps me be accountable for staying on protocol.

    Nsbrown76 - I did 21 days of p3 and 30 days of p4 before I started r2. I wanted to follow proper protocol and so did the whole 3 weeks for p3 and just over 3 weeks for p4 as Dr. S. said to do in P&I. I waited a week to start r2 so I could load during our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and would not have to suffer through it on p2.
  10. nsbrown76's Avatar
    Hello my pretty pretty. Come to suffer with us? Welcome.

    Ok, I'm back. How was your P3/P4? How long did you stay in both?
  11. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck. I'm nearing the end of my first round, of vlc, so am interested to see how 2nd rounds go for people. Keep us posted.
  12. kbj's Avatar
    Hey thomy, I just started P4 today, and like you I am scared of it! My first foray was just to use milk instead of cream in my coffee. Pizza sounds so yummy, I may just have to make it on the parmesean crust so I can eat the whole thing...kudos to you for resisting most of the crust!
  13. Kati's Avatar
    Thomygirl - pizza toppings are so good! I hope the scale is kind to you since you were careful with having the bread!
  14. kbj's Avatar
    Well, I get to do another one today, as I am 4 lbs over liw. Haven't decided steak or protein day...
  15. Canadiangirl's Avatar
    Steak day seems to be a wonderful thing.
  16. kbj's Avatar
  17. thomygirl's Avatar
    I BELIEVE!!!!! Steak day worked I am down 3lbs this morn, so now I am 1lb under my LDW.
  18. kbj's Avatar
    Good luck! I had a lite beer tonight for the first time in ages, wonder if that is going to bite me tomorrow...
  19. kbj's Avatar
    P3 is over this week for me too...I wish there were more guidance for P3 & P4. Wonder if any of those who came after Dr. Simeon have better guidelines? That would be better than trying to mess with the original protocol that works so well...

    I'm making the almond flour herb bread, but these breads are more like muffins...I miss the yeast and kneading and the yummy fresh-baked smell, not to mention eating it hot out of the oven or later with sandwiches or as toast...
    Updated September 8th, 2010 at 10:14 AM by kbj
  20. kbj's Avatar
    OOOH great idea to eat P3 while in P4, but to ease it up for social situations!