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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    I was sick my 2nd, 3rd, and part of my 4th week of starting this diet. I found that it slowed loss and also created water gain. Maybe combo of new scale and wicked illness are contributing and it will all go away and then some after you fully recover. Hang in there; I am trying to as well with my snails pace losses. When I get home from this conference/vacation I am hitting the gym and jogging like I used to do. I bet I see the numbers move better and maybe even have BM more than once a week! Get better
  2. Miche's Avatar
    I weigh with 2 scales as I travel a lot. The travel scale always weighs me more! One is in .2 increments and the other in .5. The good news is that when you lose and weigh low on the new scale you will be thrilled. Have a great weekend!
  3. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Sorry your on a slow mend... I myself just experienced what a cold can do for this diet... and I agree with Rabo you just got a bum scale.. its like when you got to the DR. the scale there is always off too.... LOL Try not to get to discouraged it will all come off soon.
  4. Rabo's Avatar
    Awwww man, what a bummer. I'm certain you got a bum scale. I switched from analog to digital last fall and the new one weighed me 5 pounds over the other. Horrible.

    Hoping your day gets better and that you're getting some much needed rest.
  5. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Yay!! Glad your doing better.
  6. Rabo's Avatar
    I knew you'd have a great loss. So glad you're felling better!
  7. Rabo's Avatar
    Sorry you're still under the weather, and I really hope you have help with those 8 kiddos!
  8. Miche's Avatar
    So sorry you are still sick.... But great attitude! Moms just can't stay down too long.... Happy losing tomorrow
  9. Miche's Avatar
    Hope you feel better.... Being sick is not a fun way to lose/gain weight!
  10. Rabo's Avatar
    I bet you enjoy a nice whoosh once you're back to feeling better. Rest, water, rest, water, ginger tea, rest, water, water, water.
  11. Rabo's Avatar
    I was super sick during my first round as well. We had the flu hit us and it was awful. I had hoped the fever would burn more calories, but my weight loss during the sickness wasn't as great as I'd hoped. Apparently the body likes to hold on to water when recovering from illness, so you should be super excited that you're doing so well. I am excited for you!
  12. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Respectable loss especially since you are sick. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  13. tomwilla's Avatar
    hope you get to feeling better, per my friend shelli be sure make you some chicken soup and ginger to it..
    Updated April 7th, 2013 at 10:28 AM by tomwilla
  14. pookster's Avatar
    Its good considering your sick..hang in there!
  15. Rabo's Avatar
    Great results! Feel better soon.
  16. Miche's Avatar
    Hope you feel better today!
  17. Rabo's Avatar
    Oh noooo... Hope you feel better soon. Drink water with lemon and have some herbal tea.
  18. my8kidsmom's Avatar
    Thanks guys!!
  19. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Congratulations!! That is super
  20. Miche's Avatar
    Congrats! You are doing awesome.... What a way to start the weekend! Have a great one.....
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