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  1. tracker's Avatar
    I am new to this forum but understand that you sell strong hhcg drops - I live in Alberta Canada - do you deliver to Canada
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Abinco....I dont' know your whole story....age, weight, issues with metabolism in the past etc.. But i wonder if you started Hccg fairly healthy and low in weight if your metabolism is fairly functional VS. others who have thyroid issues, metabolism slow, obese etc....?? I noticed when I did my Ph3 interruption I did fine with a few things off protocol too.
  3. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Boomer-wish you could make me some of that bread.sounds so much better then that addictingly crunchy grissini. ha
  4. Boomer's Avatar
    This is so interesting! I grind my own wheat and make bread with it. I was just talking with my husband this past week and saying how much I would rather have a piece of MY bread rather than this stupid cracker thing! You have given me the motivation to try it. I always ate my bread and bread products in P3 and didn't have any issues.
  5. Abinco's Avatar
    I hear you Dubbles! Perfectly stated!
  6. Dubbles's Avatar
    Abinco, so understand what u're saying. I did exactly the same, did ok in p3, then went out of town for extended stays at daughter's and did not follow any rules to do p4 correctly. No gradual anything. And yes I gained a little. So I felt like my 2nd round was a bust. But this time, I'm determined to do p3 and p4 by the book. Like u, I hope this is my last round, and don't want to be doing p2 off and on for life. Maybe ocassionally, but not normally. Not every 6 months even. There is a method to maintenance, not a method to the madness I was doing. Must follow the method.
  7. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks Dubs, I need to get to my LDW which should not be too painful as I have been as low as 139 so, my body will remember or I will make it!! LOL I am interested to see too if I can do this get below my LDW 7-8 lbs without HCG with it not taking too long. The vets one here are telling me it can be done. We shall see and I most definately plan to blog it along the way! Congrats to you also!
  8. Dubbles's Avatar
    Ab. I think your plan is totally doable. I started a 3rd round, because I could see myself getting sucked into bad habits again. Don't want that. Plus I think my goal weight needs to be lowered a tad, otherwise I would have done as u are suggesting, to lose just 12/13 lbs. The high protein days and sensible eating could very well get u where u want to go. And like you said, if not, you can schedule a short round later. Good luck, and keep us posted, will be curious to see how this goes
  9. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the comments! I nibbled on a small handful of cashews and a small bite of a sample of some bread at the market i was at. Not much really. I am starting to really LIKE these steak days! Didn't ever want to do one and now, planning the next one! Might need a few after this weekends baking and my friends visit! Hahaha
  10. britt8tink's Avatar
    Whooohooo!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!
  11. Maxine's Avatar
    what did you nibble on? way to go!!
  12. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good for u! I have the same to be true for me, high protein days work really well. I did one yesterday, but I eat the protein from the morning to night, and lost 1.8 lbs. yesterday, with one slight cheat--a slice off a cream cheese Entenmanns Crumb Cake (I luv those, and had this one slice left, so I ate it), still lost with the high protein. It's great to know we now know what to do if gains happen, and they will. I do believe it does make a difference that we take care of business before too much time elapses, however, don't u? Keep it up, u sound like u're in a good place! Happy Holidays, enjoy your friend's visit, and all the oohs, and aahs u will get! U deserve them!
  13. britt8tink's Avatar
    I'm soooo happy for you!!!
  14. Abinco's Avatar
    Well ladies thnks for all the encouragement!! Today I am up,up,up! Enjoyed the 139's for a flash of a moment! I had way too many things in my first day of P4. Junk food, sugar not too much but one cookie,granola that has some type of sugar.I did eat protein but not enough then alais, 3 beers! I am not worried as I know what to do. Will do high protein today. I will keep ya posted. I am on vacation so much harder to eat the way I would when away as we are on the go!
  15. Dubbles's Avatar
    Seems like road trips go hand in hand with "junk food" unfortunately. Have a great trip.
  16. Therresa's Avatar
    Your doing great !!! Be safe on the road.
  17. britt8tink's Avatar
    Congrats on the loss! I can't think of a better way to start P4!
  18. britt8tink's Avatar
    You have done so well with P3!!! I have no doubt that you will do great with P4 as well! You have all the tools to be successful and you've gotten very good at using them! . Congratulations!!!
  19. Abinco's Avatar
    Today I am back at my LDW after being .8 above it for a several days! Hoping it stays there as I sail into P4!
  20. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks Dubbles and Katie! You guys are doing awesome as well! Dubbles, on round one I lose 27 lbs and on R2, I lost 20. On Round 1 I actually lost 24 but lost 3 lbs the two days after I went off the drops but after the first week of P3, my body settled at my LDW. I was 177 then after loading went up to 180 and ending weight was 155 then this last round, I was 162.2 and settled at 142.2. I did lose weight this time too after the drops but maintained my LDW for the most part. Total lost is 37.8 lbs for both rounds. I never cheated either and doubt I ever will if I repeat. I am almost to goal and feel through healthy eating and exercise I might lose the belly flab and if not, next round will be Jan or March. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!
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