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  1. wellis's Avatar
    These are very helpful tips. I realized that the cause of my health problems has always been stress. My doctor advised me to use medical marijuana a couple of times a week and it gave an amazing effect. I want to share with you a site https://westcoastsupply.cc/products/...a/black-label/ where you will find the highest quality weed and you can try it to restore your mental health. This is the best stress reliever I have ever tried.
  2. defiantaxe's Avatar
    When a want for comfort food arises, I now meditate and think about why I feel that way. Instead of eating, I'm learning to calm my soul through music. I'm also learning to change my relationship with food.
    fireboy and watergirl
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Miss M, I'm with everyone else, your Sunday sounded amazing! I'm so happy for you.

    And justgitterdone, I had to blog post your post about that pudding. I am definitely going to try in P3. And it tasted nothing like boiled eggs? Unbelievable. I will do that in P3 for sure. Thanks.
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks Deanna, I didn't know if anyone ever read my blog! Ha. We are both doing great. Your stabilization is going well, glad to hear that. I watch for your postings on the forums, so glad to read when you check in.
  5. Deanna Jane's Avatar
    Good job, Doubles!!! I am so proud of you going thru PI and maintaining. Yes, you are right about the mentality of going back into P2, and keeping focused. It wasn’t really there for me either and the dosage hunger thing had me crazy. Oh, well I survived and moved to P3 and have been maintaining my weight at 189 to 190 pounds. Keep me posted on your progress, Dubbles.
  6. Tess911's Avatar
    Hello Dubbles,

    I can relate to using food for comfort. Unfortunately, I have allowed my need for comfort food to become extremely uncomfortable--I had a hard time tying my shoes. I had gained so much weight even my so called "fat clothes" did not fit. I finally had to do something drastic and get my need for comfort food under control. I enjoy the HCG diet for that reason. It is allowing me to get a handle on why I was eating so much without feeling like I am starving. I now meditate and reflect when I have a strong need for comfort food. I am learning to use music to soothe my soul instead of food. I am also learning to have a different relationship with food. I am trying to fuel my body versus stuff down feelings or lift my spirits with sweets. I wish you the very best on your journey and look forward to reading future blogs. Take care, Tess
  7. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Looks like you are well on your way!

    DF and I used to snack together too. Even Abby would get a little sweet potato with chicken! He also is trying to lose a bit because he is now back in the drivers seat of the race car. So, he still snacks a bit, but has sunflower seeds or fruit. Abby gets her sweet potato...and I drink green tea! Lol

    I am glad you got your blog fixed! I agree that everyone's comments help.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!
  8. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcome back, Jarret. And I can see you have grown a lot. Hope I can find a few older friends, and make some new ones. Oh, and thanks for helping with my tech problems! You're the best!
  9. Jarret's Avatar
    Welcome back, we've grown quite a bit
  10. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Dubbles...I see you are having a few problems in P3. Check out what Tate posted that she found on this forum -
    Okay, here it is: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...ting-p4-23489/. It sounds like these ladies have discovered the secret to stabilization in P3/P4: Digestive Enzymes, L'Carnitine and Probiotics. It seems like people who were struggling to stabilize are now having success with this Trinity of supplements. I already have a probiotic, but you better believe I'm going out to get digestive enzymes and L'Carnitine tomorrow!!! If you check out the thread, there is even a list of name brands

    Then: This is a great vlog I think you might want to visit:
    Stephanie talks about how she was able to stay below LDW the whole time of P3. She even has a downloadable list of what she ate every day. Very informative
  11. ldygeko's Avatar
    DUBBLES - You're doing great! I've never tried Fage, could never find it - and now my Walmart had some! Now I'm excited to try it, it sounds good! Oh, and love the minute muffins with the flaxseed meal - I've made those before when on Atkins. I sometimes add Raspberry extract or orange extract - gives them a nice dessert-y feel.... Keep on keepin on, lady!
  12. jdc's Avatar
    Oh I guess this is what I saw on my phone....mystery solved!
  13. Catthai's Avatar
    a mystery :-D
  14. Dubbles's Avatar
    ok, let's see if this works.
  15. Grammie50's Avatar
    It worked!
  16. Onedayatatime's Avatar
    Test for what?
  17. bemoreawesome's Avatar
    @justjoan: just searched the forum and found this recipe for oopsie rolls - maybe it will help?
    Oopsie Rolls (a P3 recipe)

    You take 3 eggs, divided
    3 oz cream cheese
    pinch of cream of tartar.

    Whip the whites & cream of tartar until stiff.
    Remove gently to separate bowl
    Beat the yolks & UNsoftened cream cheese
    Gently fold the yolk/cheese mix into the stiffened whites w/ a spatula
    Spoon mounds of mixture onto greased cookie sheet (~6 mounds) & flatten/form as you want it
    Bake at 300º for 30 minutes.

    You can use for burgers, hot dogs, dip in egg/spices/cream & grill up for french toast, cover w/ strawberries & whipped cream....the possibilities are ENDLESS. They are light and fluffy, so not the consistency of bread -- but still doable.

    @Dubbles - you are doing great! I'm learning so much from you just keep it up. everything will even out it's jst early days
  18. Catthai's Avatar
    So THAT's what Fage yogurt is. My local store finally got Greek Yogurt in (I was in heaven over the arrival of cottage cheese so this is one step higher than heaven). Greek Yogurt tastes amazing over half an avocado.

    Thank you so much for posting your menu. Maybe it'll get me off my lazy butt to do more than the easiest of meals.

    Good luck on your weigh-in tomorrow :-)
  19. littlefirefly's Avatar
    the roast with radishes sounds great....I think I am going to try that this week!
  20. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    Hi Dubbles, Make yourself some spinach chips to curb the snack crave. Recipe on YouTube. I'm only on round 1 VLCD day 9, but my losses aren't as much as yours and I have more to lose, so don't feel badly at all. The thing that buoys me as I am reading all these blogs, forums and watching YT, is that when there is a stall day for someone, they seem to have a big release the next day or day after, so it evens out in the long run. It seems to be apattern.
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